Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mohames surprises disabled fan with special gift in wholesome video

Very few fans get the chance to meet their heroes, let alone a chance to have a proper conversation. For Isaac Murdock, not only did he get to meet his hero, Patrick Mahomes but he was also gifted Super Bowl tickets. Mahomes also hilariously told his superfan that he would be throwing the ball toward Isaac's seat during the next game. The Kansas City Chief's quarterback and Whitehouse native invited Murdock to meet him. The boy assumed he was being invited to a training facility for an interview but little did he know that he had a big surprise awaiting him. Isaac Murdock was born with a rare spinal defect that rendered him unable to walk. He was asked what he liked the most about the quarterback in a video posted by the sports facility's YouTube channel. Murdock shared that he liked his attitude and his humble personality. He also admires Mahomes' approach to the game.
As he was answering questions, the boy received a big surprise as Mahomes walked in and greeted him, before delivering the gift to the boy. Murdock received tickets for Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas from the Mahomies Foundation and the Kansas City Chiefs. The boy just couldn't believe it. Mahomes shared that Murdock was still playing basketball and living a regular kid's life. He also shared his hopes and dreams with Mahomes and told him that he wanted to get into broadcasting and be a part of sports in some way. In turn, Mahomes expressed that he was glad that he could contribute in some way to his journey and that he would get to witness the Super Bowl himself. He also hoped that he would still be playing when Murdock gets into broadcasting.
Later in their conversation, Mahomes told Isaac that when the Chiefs get to the Super Bowl and score a touchdown, he will be throwing a ball toward Isaac's seat. He also signed a football for him. Mahomes shared during the interview that doing something for people was a big part of who he was. He said that he realizes that he's very blessed and likes to share that with other people in whatever way he can. He said that even if he doesn't win another Super Bowl ever again, he can proudly say that he tried to be the best person he could be.

Mahomes shared that he would like to be remembered for things like these. His gift can also become a catalyst for something big in Isaac Murdock's life and would definitely encourage him to do big things. The Super Bowl LVIII starts on February 11 in Las Vegas and would mark a big movement for Isaac Murdock; it might even turn into a core memory that he cherishes. Also, being at the receiving end of an act of kindness is a powerful thing that motivates people to pay it forward.

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