‘Intense’ Netflix thriller is being called 10/10 after hooking viewers within minutes

A recently debuted crime drama on Netflix is gaining attention for its intense scenes, with fans suggesting that it should be considered essential viewing. If you're seeking a gripping series to kick off the new year, Netflix has just what you need. This Dutch show, featuring Nasrdin Dchar and Sophie Veldhuizen, was released quietly earlier this month.
As of now, the show is making its way up the UK charts, holding the eighth position as today's eighth most-watched program.

This acclaimed six-part crime series revolves around Mardik Sardagh (played by Dchar), a detective of Afghan origin facing distrust from the country's secret service. While delving into the investigation of a series of terrorist attacks in Amsterdam, Mardik discovers that the perpetrator might be a childhood friend.

If this synopsis has piqued your interest, check out the trailer for "The Golden Hour" below.
The Dutch series initially premiered on NPO 3 in October 2022, and Netflix released all episodes earlier this year. Since its debut, "The Golden Hour" has achieved notable recognition, winning the 2023 Rockie Award for Best Foreign Language Drama Series at the World Media Festival in Canada. The show has also generated significant buzz on social media platforms.

One enthusiastic viewer shared their thoughts on YouTube, stating, "I typically avoid stories like this due to the overwhelming sense of injustice that many people endure and the senselessness of it all. However, this story was exceptionally well-written, coordinated, elaborated, and the entire production was top-notch."

Meanwhile, a user on X (formerly Twitter) expressed, "Just finished watching 'The Golden Hour' on Netflix. It should be mandatory viewing so that people in this country can understand the challenges we face and wake up to reality."
"The Golden Hour on Netflix... gripping series, you have to hold on, but what an amazing show," responded a second viewer.

A third review stated, "The Golden Hour on Netflix. 10/10."

Expressing intense engagement, another fan admitted, "The Golden Hour on Netflix makes me catch my breath every 5 minutes."

A fifth comment declared, "The Golden Hour on Netflix is definitely worth watching! The Dutch have really excelled here."

As of the current moment, NL Film has not confirmed whether Bobby Boermans' Dutch show will be renewed for a second season. However, if the thriller receives approval, you can anticipate the NPO title to be available on Netflix after its initial premiere in the Netherlands.

Catch all six episodes of "The Golden Hour" on Netflix now.

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