Grandpa fed a hungry fox in his backyard once and now a family of foxes visit him every night

Foxes and men have a long-standing bond. Foxes exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, are adorable, perceptive, and cunning, and have lovely fur. You want to reach out and pet the fox due to its cuteness. Foxes are known to be cunning and to have a lot of character. This particular fox family is the absolute cutest, with amazing cunning in terms of food. TikTok user @leo.hemsley recently shared an adorable video sent to him by his grandfather.

Leo's grandfather happened to offer some food to a fox loitering in his backyard, and before he knew it, the fox brought his entire family to get food. A tiny, timid fox can be seen in the video trying to hide away, with the text overlay saying, "My Granddad gave this little guy some food to take home." Leo's granddad threw some food at him, and he grabbed the food and ran away. But the next morning, he brought his whole pack! The video shows the animal returning with his whole family, all in anticipation of some food. The text overlay reads, "But he decided to bring home here!"
The family of foxes started to visit the TikTok user's grandfather every day. The grandfather decided to lay out food for each one of them and name them. He even shared more clips, raking up views on the platform. The video was captioned, "He always loves to see them," with over 23 million views and 4 million likes. Leo asked viewers in his comments to suggest names, saying, "Anyone have any name ideas? Will collect the best ones." Further clips posted on the TikTok user's account suggest that the family of foxes has all been named by his grandfather. The names are Todd, Oliver, Loki, Cara, and Koda. All 5 foxes seem to really like spending time at the grandfather's house.

TikTok user @la_vie_de_gin commented, joking about what the fox would have said to his family, "family, I have found a land with food aplenty, we shall relocate at dawn!" Another user @cheflisabrooks marveled at how well they communicate with one another. "It’s so amazing how they communicate! He was like 'Y’all hang back. I’m the plug. This my man… he know me.'" Another user @duckydee joked, calling the user's grandfather a Disney princess, "Your grandpa is a ✨Disney princess✨ now."

Another user @shiny245 suggested that the TikTok user should set up a GoFundMe for the foxes, "your grandpa should have a GoFundMe so he can feed them forever." Another user @dagrayarea sarcastically joked, "When a kid tells his friends the neighbor is giving out full-size candy bars on Halloween."

The foxes' picture was shared on Instagram by Leo. Instagram user @tati.s3 joked, "He told his entire pack 'come on! let’s go I know a place with free food'" Another user @ilia_bombai advised that they should treat the foxes often, which builds trust. "That’s amazing 😻 treat them sometimes bro ✨🔥 Do good you’ll find good when they have little babies and they build trust to you she will bring them to you to pet them."

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