Family's outdoor cat jumps into action to save their dog from a coyote attack

People like to think cats are aloof and don't care about anyone but themselves, but that's not true. Well, the aloof part is true. They're also pretty fickle about if they want to be touched or not, giving unsuspecting cat parents a quick swat for daring to think they want to be petted. Even still, that doesn't mean they don't love their family members, human and furry.
A family in Oklahoma found out just how much their outdoor cat loved their dog, Oakley. When the little white pooch was outside to go potty, she didn't realize danger was just out of eyesight until it was too late. A group of coyotes began attacking the little dog, who was in that part of the yard all alone, but Binx, the family cat, sprung into action without hesitation after hearing the commotion.

Binx is part of the cat distribution system, meaning the family didn't pick her out. The little black cat just showed up in their yard when she was about two months old, and it's a good thing she did.

When Binx heard her fur-sister being attacked, she ran full force and jumped right toward the faces of the attacking coyotes, sending them running. Oakley was injured pretty badly in the attack, but the owners had no idea what happened until they looked at the security video after the dog was treated at the vet.

"It was inspiring to see our little outdoor cat just jump at two coyotes that were attacking this little dog that she loves and run them off," Lane Dyer told KFOR News.

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