Adorable dog born with a 'selfie' of herself on her left ear

A dog on Instagram has caught people's attention as it appears as if she has a selfie of herself on her ear.
Dogs. Although some people aren't keen on them (and if you're one of those people, I'm not keen on you), for the most part, they are widely loved across the world and are deemed as "man's best friend."

It's rare to find someone in life who is ready to nap, eat, and party all at the same time, but you can count on your canine companion being ready for anything at a moment's notice.

But above all, they are absolutely adorable - especially when they have a quirky feature.

Lucy is a seven-year-old Pitbull Terrier mix who lives in Clarkesville, Tennessee with her owners Cassidy and Zach Johnson who noticed a rather cute detail about the pooch when they adopted her.

On Lucy's left ear are some rather distinctive markings that appear to show two floppy ears, two eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

In other words, it appears as if Lucy has a selfie of herself on her ear.

Lucy boasts over 10,000 followers on Instagram and it's easy to see why, as the adorable dog clearly enjoys spending time with her family.

If the Johnsons ever need to identify their dog, it would be easily done since they could recognize the selfie on her ear from a mile away.

If you're keen for another dog story, how about the heartwarming tale of a woman who adopted the dog she was forced to give up as a child?

Nicole Grimes from Pennsylvania stumbled upon an 11-year-old pomeranian-poodle cross available for adoption on Facebook, only to discover that the furry friend was none other than her childhood puppy.

Nicole shared her extraordinary tale with the BBC, recalling the moment she came across the dog's photo and felt an inexplicable connection. She expressed: "When I found out they were both called Chloe, it was really strange. It just clicked when she was introduced to me as Chloe."

The pivotal moment occurred when Nicole finally met her 'new' dog in person. "When she was dropped off, she came running up to me and was licking my face. Then I knew in my heart that she had to be the same dog," she said.

All skepticism was shattered when they discovered that the dog indeed had the same microchip as the pet they had given up for adoption seven years ago.

Reflecting on the tough decision to give Chloe up for adoption years ago, Nicole remembered the sadness she felt. "My dad got a new job working from home, but Chloe was too yappy, and he had to be on the phone all the time. I remember my dad picking me up from school when I was 14 with the dog in the back seat. I knew we had to give her away."

Today, Chloe is settling well into her new home with her original owner. Nicole shared, "She is a little smaller and has no teeth, but she still loves to run around."

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