103-year-old man forgets he needs a walker when reunited with wife after long hospital stay

Love is a beautiful thing no matter how old the couple is. Most people dream about growing old with the love of their life, making plans to have babies and sit in a rocking chair holding their baby's baby. It's a daydream that starts fairly early in life, growing and evolving as the holder of the dream does.
When you come across a couple that has been married for 50 or 60 years, people ask them their secret to long-lasting love. But there's one man who embodies what true love looks like when you're in your golden years. There's no advice he's giving, just an act of pure unadulterated love and the internet cannot get enough.

A woman from Colombia posted a video to her Instagram page, enfermeraestilosa, that shows her 103-year-old grandfather being reunited with his wife after he was hospitalized for 30 days. He was so excited that he forgot he needed his walker when he went running towards the love of his life.

The text that accompanies the video translates from Spanish to English to say, "This is how my 103-year-old grandfather receives the love of his life after a month in hospital where we thought he would leave forever. How sad that things have to happen to realize that the lottery touches us every day with health, with family and with the love of the people we are close to. Yes, today is one more day that we have hit the jackpot. Merry Christmas, grandparents, you are together again."

Commenters just couldn't get enough of his enthusiasm for seeing his wife.

Someone says, "I wish nothing else in this life that a love so pure and sincere that lasts forever."

"How beautiful, you made me cry with joy and excitement. What a pity that love of that generation is lost! Cheers to them, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and maybe great-grandchildren," another commenter writes.

This is a love that has obviously lasted a lifetime just as one person gushes under the video, "true love is forever without doubt.

Watch the two lovebirds below:

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