Woman who was told she may never have children is now a mum to quadruplets

Being able to start a family is a life-long dream for many couples that is often pretty easy to fulfil.

However, Taylah Tudehope-Glachan and her husband Sean didn’t think that they would ever become parents due to the former’s diagnosis.

As per 7News, 28-year-old Taylah lives with endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

According to Mayo Clinic, endometriosis is when tissue that is similar to the inner lining of the uterus grows outside and affects the ovaries, fallopian tubes and tissue lining the pelvis.
Being a PCOS sufferer also means that Taylah has irregular periods and ovulation cycles which are hit-and-miss.

It’s reported that because of her health struggles, getting pregnant naturally would be difficult.

So, in a bid to make their dreams become a reality - after a year of unsuccessful attempts - Taylah and her 28-year-old husband turned to IVF.

The pair have since been granted an early Christmas miracle - the school teacher has given birth to not just one, but four healthy children.
Discussing the moment she learnt she was having quadruplets, Taylah said: “The sonographer waved the wand on my belly two or three times and started counting the babies out loud.

“I have never seen so much of the whites of Sean’s eyes.”

She added that the practitioner put her hand on her leg and said ‘I don’t know how, but there are four’.

“She [the sonographer] counted four out loud and Sean made her, like, quadruple check,” she laughed.

It’s reported that each baby had its own placenta and sac in the womb and that the health expert was able to isolate each heartbeat.

After realising she was pregnant with quadruplets, Taylah was later subjected to specialist appointments and various checkups.

At the 16-week scan, the pair discovered the sex of their children when they were handed a note in an envelope by the sonographer.

“We opened the envelope in the car,” Taylah explained. “I guessed three boys and one girl and Sean thought four boys. Boys run in our family.”
“Q1, girl, Q2, boy, Q3, boy, Q4, boy,” Sean apparently read out loud.

Unfortunately, though, the miracle pregnancy wasn’t a smooth journey for the 28-year-old.

At 24 weeks, the mother was admitted to Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney for seven weeks.

The hospital stay came after doctors found that her cervix had shortened.

Explaining the ordeal, Taylah said: “It has taken a toll on my body, my back, for sure, but also mentally, being away from home.

“But my family, friends and the (hospital) staff have all been so lovely and supportive.”

After being away from her home for a long period of time, on 7 December Taylah had given birth.

She and Sean have named their children Daisy, Archie, Billy and Charlie - but don’t expect her to add any more to her brood.

“Four and done,” she told the publication.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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