The woman who donned body paint pants at the gym has issued an apology following criticism from a man who raised concerns about her explicit attire.

The woman criticized for wearing body paint to the gym has offered an apology. On December 27, Natalie Reynolds, a controversial kick streamer, conducted a 'social experiment' by heading to the gym clad mostly in body paint.
The 26-year-old adorned herself with blue painted leggings, a purple painted sports bra, nude underwear, and nipple covers. She shared with her social media followers that the painting process took several hours, concluding around 4:15 pm.

Explaining the nature of her outfit, she stated, "So, I'm sitting up for, like, five to six hours. It's painted on pants - so this is all paint. This is swimsuit bottoms." Despite the unconventional attire, Natalie decided to visit her nearest gym, wearing only the body paint and a black zip hoodie.

Within moments of entering the gym, a fellow gym-goer confronted her, as captured in a now-viral video posted on Twitter.

"If you don't have clothes on, you need to be out of here, ma'am," the man asserted.

"I do have clothes on," Natalie responded.

"It's not fine. I work in the industry enough to know," the gym-goer insisted. "I work in the entertainment field."

As he walked away, he reminded her of the prohibition against 'videotaping' in the gym.

Natalie captioned her video, "Guy in the gym presses me for wearing painted pants."

On December 27, she shared a tweet featuring a picture of a male YouTuber in a gym with body paint, stating that "everyone is acting like the world is ending" when she did it. "Let me get my gains and shredded in peace pls," she added.
However, it appears that the video has faced some criticism.

"One hundred percent right," commented one person. "He called out your degenerate behavior, and you played the victim."

"Painted pants aren't real pants," added another.

A third expressed frustration, saying, "I'm sick of these influencers walking around with security guards thinking they can just do whatever they want."

The community note from X stated, "The man in the video is protecting the overall gym etiquette according to which you should wear clothes suitable for exercise. Wearing unsuitable clothes or none at all is considered to be disrespectful towards the others. It is also a hygiene risk to others."

Natalie has issued an apology on X for the stunt. In a tweet posted on December 30, she wrote, "I’ve made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgment, and I don’t expect to be forgiven. I am simply here to apologize."

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