Single mom drags son to girl's house after she discovers 'vile' texts he sent to her

A single mom shared her furious reaction after discovering what her son had been saying to a girl online.

Back in 2022, Samm Jane, from Nuneaton, UK took to social media to share how horrified she was when she'd found out that her then 12-year-old son had been sending horrible messages to a girl in his class.

And when the 32-year-old mom found out about the behaviour from her son's teachers, she was very quick to lay down the law.
As soon as he arrived home, she confronted him and ordered him to unlock his phone.

There, she discovered messages including: "I never want to see your ugly face in school. Your ugly face and fat body offend me."

And when the girl asked him to stop 'being so horrible', he'd replied: "Urgh, you’re disgusting."

In a TikTok video, the mom-of-five said: "I never thought he'd be like this, I'd raised him to never disrespect a girl,"

She continued to say: "I was shaking with anger. I was livid.

"I told him 'She's going to be looking in the mirror now and feeling so insecure.' I couldn't let it go."
Wanting to fix the situation, Samm had tried to find out where the girl lived and asked around the neighborhood.

"I got on the phone and I made a few calls." she said.

"Everybody in my area knows where everybody lives, so I found out through one of my neighbours where this girl lives.

"I told [him] we were going around to apologise. Not only to the girl, but to her parents, to her aunts, to her uncles, to whoever was in that house."

She also made her son spend £10 ($12) of his birthday money on flowers and chocolate for the girl before taking him to apologize.

"I said, 'My son has something to say to your daughter,' and he stands there going 'I'm sorry'." Samm said.

"I made him speak up and repeat himself.

"I made him say what he was sorry for. The mum wasn't aware of it, the girl hadn't told her mum."

The girl did accept his apology and Samm punished him by also taking away his phone, laptop and Playstation.
She went to say: "I'm a single Mom. I'm raising the boy to be a man, which is quite difficult.

"There's one thing I've always said to my boys: 'You better respect women.

"So even though he’s eleven years old and a kid, nothing he can say to me will justify what he said to this girl.

"Hope he's learned his lesson because I swear to god on my dying breath, will I allow my boys to disrespect any women."

Adding: "I’ve always told him about body positivity, about how women come in different shapes and sizes. That’s why I was so angry — why would he say all these things when I’ve told him to be respectful?"

When explaining why she'd had decided to post her account of the incident online, she said: "[I posted it] so other people could see it and think 'I don’t want my boy to be like that.'

"We’ve got to bring up the next generation. It’d be so much easier if parents taught their boys – and girls – to apologize and to make up."

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