People are calling for GTA VI to be banned just after watching the trailer

The official release of the initial trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI has generated significant excitement among fans. Offering a sneak peek into what GTA VI has in store, the trailer has heightened anticipation for the game set to be launched in 2025 (though fans will need to wait patiently for its actual release). The graphics showcased in the trailer are notably impressive and remarkably realistic, hinting at an immersive gaming experience with a cast of vibrant and familiar larger-than-life characters for players to enjoy.
While a considerable number of individuals eagerly anticipate the upcoming sixth installment of the renowned franchise, there is a segment of the audience that, having viewed the first trailer, expresses reluctance and is already advocating for the ban of the game.

Certainly, those acquainted with the GTA franchise are accustomed to anticipating violence and mature themes. Nevertheless, it seems that some were taken aback by the inclusion of scenes featuring a strip club and a woman twerking in a bikini on a car in the trailer.

Individuals who found the imagery offensive voiced their concerns on Twitter, with comments such as: "GTA 6 should be banned. In a world filled with OnlyFans and widespread adult content, this game is likely to negatively impact the mental health of young people!"
Others chimed in, stating, "GTA 6 needs to be banned!!! Video games are meant for children, and it's disturbing and disheartening to see the content Rockstar is presenting to our kids," and expressed, "WE MUST BAN GTA 6! This content is NOT safe for children and should be prohibited!!"

The outcry gained momentum, leading to the hashtag #BanGTA6 trending on Twitter (now referred to as X), despite the fact that the game is not explicitly marketed to children.

Its forerunner, GTA V, carried an M for Mature rating, indicating it was suitable for ages 17 and above in the US and for individuals over 18 elsewhere.

In response to the calls for a ban, many devoted fans of the series took to Twitter to defend it, with comments like, "To those saying 'Ban GTA VI, kids shouldn't see this,' let me remind you of the ESRB rating for previous GTAs. M for Mature means it's intended for ages 17 and up. Last time I checked, kids aren't 17+, so I guess we're all good, aren't we?"
Additional voices joined the conversation, stating, "After a decade of anticipation, these individuals want to advocate for banning GTA 6 just because it features strippers. Seriously," and expressing, "If you're genuinely aiming to ban GTA, reconsider. GTA has been around since 1997, and it has nothing to do with religion or politics. Another point is that GTA was never intended for children, so please refrain from commenting and happy holidays, everyone."

This is not the first instance of the GTA franchise encountering criticism; it has faced previous backlash for its perceived excessive violence.

The inaugural installment hit the market in 1997, with subsequent versions releasing at intervals ranging from one to five years, except for GTA VI, which has had the lengthiest wait.

GTA V made its debut in 2013, signifying a 12-year gap for fans eagerly anticipating GTA VI's release in 2025.

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