Kelly Clarkson's ex-husband ordered to repay her millions after overcharging to be her manager

Kelly Clarkson's ex-husband has been ordered to pay millions after overcharging the TV host to be her manager.
A California labor commissioner ruled that Brandon Blackstock overcharged Clarkson by seven figures when he represented her.

The couple first met at a rehearsal for the Academy of Country Music Awards in May 2006, later marrying in October 2013.

But after nearly seven years of marriage, Clarkson filed for a divorce in June 2020 - something that was finalized two years later.

While you'd think that was it, Clarkson and Blackstock have been locked in a legal battle ever since.
The American Idol winner scored a victory earlier this month, as documents obtained by People reveals that Blackstock has been ordered to pay $2,641,374 for overstepping the mark in his management role, and unlawfully procuring deals that should've been handled by a talent agent.

His legal team has since confirmed they plan to appeal the ruling.

Clarkson claimed in the filing that Blackstock secured her contracts for The Voice, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Norwegian Cruise Line, Wayfair and the Billboard Music Awards, subsequently taking the fees in return.

The documents claim that, while Blackstock did not cross the line as a manager with The Kelly Clarkson Show contract, the other deals conducted by him should have instead been done by Clarkson's team at Creative Artists Agency.

The ruling states: "Under the Talent Agencies Act (TAA), a manager, like any person without a talent agency license, cannot procure or attempt to procure employment for artists."

People reports that Blackstock was paid commissions for many of Clarkson's gigs, including $1,983,155.70 for her role as a coach on The Voice, $450,000 for a collaboration with Wayfair and just over $208,000 for a deal with NCL.

It comes after Clarkson admitted recently how she's stopped feeling 'incredibly sad deep inside' for first time in years.
The singer admitted she was feeling 'really unhappy' during the first few years of The Kelly Clarkson Show in LA before it recently relocated to New York City for season five, which premiered yesterday (October 16).

Speaking to Daily Beast's Obsessed, Clarkson said: "It’s interesting: I did a really good job of smiling and showing up for work and compartmentalizing my personal life for a few years.

"Because I was really unhappy. It was really hard. I just was never fully present."

But now the show is based in New York, Clarkson is ready to put her happy face on again. But this time, she won't be faking it.

"This will be the first season I’m fully present and not incredibly sad deep inside," she said.

"That’s going to be new for me: showing up and actually meaning it when I smile."

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