Florida Joker demands $2 million from Rockstar Games after they 'used his appearance' in GTA 6 trailer

The Florida Joker has demanded Rockstar Games $2 million claiming that they stole "his likeness and his life"

GTA 6 is the most anticipated game of this generation. Thus, fans were overjoyed when they finally got their eyes on the first trailer for GTA 6, portraying the magic of Vice City. The trailer features a scene where a man with purple hair and joker makeup stands in front of the sheriff’s office sporting an inmate outfit.

A man named Lawrence Sullivan, popularly known as ‘Florida Joker’, posted a video on TikTok shortly after the trailer for GTA 6 was released. The man claimed that the character in the trailer is based on him. He further accused Rockstar Games of stealing his character without his permission.
The two characters have quite a few similarities, most notably the face tattoos. However, there is no way to confirm whether Rockstar took the character from him. There are also quite a few differences, such as the purple hair. Despite this, the Florida Joker uploaded another video doubling down his claims.

He started by saying that many people do not agree with his claim of being the joker in the game. Many told him that he was hallucinating. To support his claim, the man shows a YouTube thumbnail of the Florida Joker side-by-side with the character in the game. Furthermore, he requested a meeting with the developers.

Florida Joker demands $2M from Rockstar Games for using his character

The Florida Joker claimed that Rockstar Games must pay him “a mil or two” for using his likeness in the game. He asked the studio to hit him up so the two parties could talk. He ended the video by saying that Rockstar Games took his likeness and that they took his life.
GTA fans have had all sorts of mixed reactions to this claim. Many argue that he does not inspire the game’s character in the first place and that the face tattoos are a mere coincidence. Some added that even if the character is based on him, he should be happy and proud to be featured in one of the most prominent video game franchises ever.

Lastly, many have also claimed he has no right to call out Rockstar Games for ripping him off. They add that he has been ripping off the popular character of the Joker by DC Comics. Hence, he can not claim any money for this situation.

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