Brooklyn Beckham sends fans crazy with 'throuple' post with Selena Gomez

Breaking the internet, Brooklyn Beckham recently shared an anniversary tribute to his wife, featuring a surprise guest. The couple, Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz, commemorated their anniversary at the 2023 Academy Museum Gala.
Attending the prestigious event, Beckham donned a black suit paired with a white shirt, while Peltz graced the red carpet in a baby pink A-line gown complemented by a matching scarf. After posing for photographs, they ventured backstage for some more intimate shots.

Later, the 24-year-old celebrity took to Instagram, sharing selected photos with his 16.3 million followers along with the caption: "Celebrating our anniversary xx."
However, the surprise element of the cover photo left fans taken aback, featuring former Disney Channel actress Selena Gomez – quite unexpected, right?

The 31-year-old stood elegantly in a black gown alongside the couple, all three smiling at the camera.

While it's known that Brooklyn and Nicola share a close relationship with the owner of Rare Beauty, Selena Gomez, some fans questioned whether it was truly fitting to include her in an anniversary post.

Comments from users included expressions of surprise like, "Sel being in the first pic is sending me," and "Why is Selena just randomly in the first pic on an anniversary post? I’m dying."

A third user even speculated about the nature of their relationship, wondering if the trio was in a "throuple," commenting: "Like a throuple?"

Echoing this sentiment, another user shared a similar thought, stating, "My favorite throuple."

Have a look at the post below:

This isn't the sole instance of an intimate photo featuring the couple alongside Selena.

Our initial glimpse into their friendship occurred last year when the model shared a picture of herself and Selena lying on the ground, adorned in matching pink satin dresses. The two embraced each other while commemorating the release of the actress's documentary, "My Mind & Me."

Captioning the post with, "Girls night celebrating your beautiful documentary, congratulations Selena!," the model included additional photos capturing various moments, including her husband preparing food in the kitchen.

In a more recent development, Nicola shared a birthday tribute for Selena's 31st birthday, echoing a theme from a previous post but this time featuring Brooklyn as well.

The threesome was cozily nestled on what appeared to be a sizable hammock, with Brooklyn placing his arm behind both women's heads as a photograph was taken.

Captioning the image with, "Happy birthday to my soul sister @selenagomez 🀍," she expressed her sentiments further, saying, "I love you more than you know. I am so blessed to have you by my side in this life. Thank you for being such a beautiful light in this world."

Although there's no clear indication of whether the trio is indeed a "throuple," as speculated by some fans, it's evident that they share a remarkably close and supportive friendship.

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