Best friends explain why they share husbands despite getting 'judged every day'

Well, they’re certainly close friends…
Katy is married to porn star Rob Oz, but she enjoys swinging with her friend Dee and her husband Will.

The foursome don’t mind the judging stares though. They took part in the show Love Don’t Judge, where they explained their way of life.

“When we met Will and Dee the relationship kind of flowed from the start. It was our first swingers couple that we engaged with,” Katy said.

They explained that they are all in polyamorous relationships, and have made a bomb sharing X-rated footage of their relations.

“We sleep with Katy separately, we sleep with Rob separately, we sleep with them together,” Dee added.

“We have other people come over, like we’ve had big orgies together.”

Katy and Dee feel that it’s like ‘having a sister’, whereas Rob and Will describe their bond as a ‘bromance’.

“But someone you can explore sexually with and learn more about yourself in that realm as well,” Katy said.

Rob said that “the four of us are like one organism.”

One of the biggest questions about their lives is how they deal with public perception of their relationships.

Katy said: “It does confuse people when we’re out. We’d be kissing and then we’d switch… so I’d be kissing Will and Dee would be kissing Rob and people are like – what did I just watch?”

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