A 31-year-old man on his deathbed urgently cautions others against repeating his fatal error.

A man facing a terminal illness is urging individuals to prioritize their health, emphasizing that he made the 'greatest mistake' of his life. Liam Griffiths is now swiftly checking items off his bucket list, haunted by the awareness that his life might have been spared had he not committed a crucial error.
However, his symptoms persisted, worsening over time and eventually becoming unmanageable, compelling the young man to seek medical attention at the hospital.

Initially diagnosed with Crohn's disease, a condition involving inflammation of parts of the digestive system, he received an urgent follow-up call from doctors a month later. Recollecting the pivotal phone call, Liam shared, "The moment they asked me to bring my mother, Susan, I understood. I have blocked out the trauma; I don't even recall the journey to the hospital."

His world turned upside down when medical professionals revealed that he had peritoneal cancer, necessitating rigorous chemotherapy. Despite undergoing surgery in an attempt to eradicate the disease, it proved unsuccessful, and his prognosis is now terminal.

The former oil rig worker, hailing from Middlesborough, reflected, "I distinctly remember asking my doctor about my life expectancy, and he hesitated, expressing reluctance to provide a timeframe for my life's conclusion to prevent me from fixating on it entirely."

"I consented and simply resolved to return home, fulfill some desires, and embrace life for as long as I can."
Regrettably, Liam's deteriorating health has compelled him to eliminate challenging activities from his list, such as completing Tough Mudder, swimming with sharks, and skiing, as he acknowledges he 'physically won't be able to' accomplish them.

His primary goal now is to create 'significant memories' with his loved ones, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing health. He believes that neglecting his symptoms and 'delaying medical attention' is the most significant error he has ever made.

The British man expressed, "They diagnosed my cancer at an advanced stage three, but perhaps if I had sought medical advice earlier, they could have detected it sooner. Being self-employed, I needed the income, so I persevered and powered through. I adhered to what I thought was expected of a man, trying to tough it out."
He further stated, "I aim to convey this message because if just a couple of individuals decide to go to the hospital and undergo checks due to my experience and story, that would be incredible."

As the NHS-administered chemotherapy proves ineffective for Liam, he is currently covering the costs of private treatment, scans, and medications in an effort to extend his life.

His close friend, Eve Bannatyne, daughter of Dragon’s Den star Duncan Bannatyne, initiated a JustGiving campaign, which has garnered over £18,000 to date.

Pascale Harvie, president and general manager of JustGiving, commented, "Liam is an extraordinary young man, and we at JustGiving are deeply impressed by his courage. Not only is he battling this dreadful disease with strength, but he is also raising crucial awareness to motivate other men to undergo check-ups by sharing his own narrative."

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