Woman who slept with more than 300 people in one year explains how she did it

A woman who slept with over 300 people in one year has revealed how she organized the encounters and reached the milestone.

As previously reported, Annie Knight, a 26-year-old from Australia in the top 0.4% of creators on OnlyFans took part in a candid interview on the The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

Known as Australia's "most sexually active woman", Annie explained that she has slept with over 300 people in one year.
Annie divulged some interesting insights into her encounters, sharing that some of her male partners attempt to embrace intimacy after their encounters, such as cuddling. Still, she admitted she's "not about that."

Annie's career as an OnlyFans creator yields her a remarkable $1,000 a day. Unsurprisingly, her profession revolves around explicit content which has been aided by the news of her achievements.

But how exactly does she organize these sexual encounters, considering that so many people struggle with the dating scene?

Well, she uses a number of ways such as using popular dating apps and utilizing her OnlyFans popularity to engage in collaborations.

She also has around eight "regulars" whom she meets up with each week.

For Annie, the reason behind this astounding number of partners is simple – she enjoys sex. In her words: "Sex makes me feel good. It's meant to make you feel good. It's just fun and exciting. It's messy; the messier the sex, the better." She further added: "I felt empowered afterward."
When asked about the key to her success, Annie emphasized consistency. During her radio appearance, she explained: "I'm very consistent. I send a video out every day, and I always post photos every day."

She also keeps her content fresh by taking suggestions from her subscribers.

That being said, her journey hasn't been smooth. Annie was fired from her job after her affiliation with the OnlyFans was discovered.

Annie explained: "The last thing I wanted to do was to get fired if someone found my OnlyFans," she revealed to SBS Insight.

She went on: "I had just started a new job. I was on day five, and I actually went home sick that day and received an email saying termination of contract."
The email contained screenshots of her OnlyFans content, and the firm accused her of not disclosing her "side business," not seeking permission to have an OnlyFans account, and posting explicit content of herself for monetary gain.

It would seem that this was just a minor setback because Annie now earns around $1.8 million a year as she continues to dominate the online platform.

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