Woman horrified after date leaves her to pay $500 check

A woman has disclosed that she ended up with a $500 tab during a date when the man she was meeting unexpectedly left her to cover the expenses.
Annie Knight, known for her presence on OnlyFans and her previous claim of having slept with 300 people in a year, shared the details of this recent dating debacle on TikTok.

The adult content creator, who divides her time between the Gold Coast and Melbourne in Australia, informed her audience that she had been conversing with a man on a dating app for a week before agreeing to meet him for dinner.

The date, initially rated a seven out of 10, took a turn for the worse when she returned from a trip to the restroom to discover the bill had been placed on the table.

Annie recounted the situation, stating, "I return, and the bill is on the table, which is okay. It stays there for a while, and we continue talking. I start feeling a bit awkward, wondering if he'll address it or offer to contribute."

She clarified, "I don't necessarily expect the guy to cover the entire bill, but I do hope for the gesture or at least an offer. Going Dutch is perfectly fine with me; I'm more than willing to share expenses."

However, it appeared that the man wasn't inclined to split the bill and assumed that Annie would be solely responsible for covering the entire cost.

"Eventually, the waiter approaches and asks, 'Are you ready to settle the bill?' He simply looks at me and says, 'She's paying.'"
She revealed that the bill came to a pricey $500, adding: "I assume that obviously he's seen all the stories and stuff about how much money I make and just thought I'd cop the bill.

"Like, I don't care, I paid the bill but like... what?"

She concluded the video by adding: "So, safe to say I will not be seeing that man again."

Recently, Annie had opened up about the money she was making on OnlyFans, revealing: "So from May this year until September this year, I was making about AU$150,000 ($95,000) a month.

"This month in October, it looks like I'm going to crack the 200,000 mark, which is beyond anything I ever dreamed of."

She continued: "Back in like January of this year, I was earning about $30,000 per month, and now I earn that in like half a week."

She also cautioned others that achieving substantial earnings on the platform is not necessarily a straightforward task. She explained, "I want to emphasize that being a content creator in this genre requires a significant amount of effort. Many people see TikToks like these and assume it's easy money, thinking they can do it too. However, it involves extensive marketing and PR efforts."

"You genuinely need to put in the work, hustle, and make sacrifices if you aim to earn substantial income. Realistically, unless you're already a celebrity like Anna Paul, Michaela Testa, Bella Thorne, or someone of that stature, you won't be raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars per month without putting in the effort. I've dedicated myself to hard work over the past three years."

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