Woman asks friends to deep clean her house instead of throwing a baby shower

Guests were presented with cards saying what part of the house they had to clean
One mum-to-be took a novel approach to celebrating impending motherhood by requesting a gift that saved her a lot of time.

She asked her friends to deep clean her house instead of throwing her a baby shower.

The woman, known on social media as Nia Mullet, has gone viral after posting a TikTok video of her throwing a “nesting party” rather than collecting baby gifts from friends.

“So I had my nesting party last night instead of a baby shower and it was amazing,” she explains in the video.

“My friend Bree organised it.”

Nia explained that she sent her friend, Bree, a “list of things that I wanted to get done” before the baby arrived, and then she made “little cards for each person to take on a section of the house.”

The video shows the women gathering in Nia’s home before each of them takes a section of the house to clean, including the pantry, window sills, and draws.

The nesting party didn’t include any presents, games or baby-themed decorations, instead the guests, armed with dusters and brooms, gave the house a good clean.

“I kind of took a more supervised role, kind of telling people where I wanted things and then we took a dinner break,” Nia said.

Though it wasn’t all hard work: “We ate some soup, some sourdough breads, some treats, and chatted about this baby and how it’s gonna be.

“Then we got straight back into work and everything was so clean and organised and I feel so much more ready for this baby.”

As well as cleaning, everyone came armed with freezer meals in case Nia needs to be stocked up if experiencing postpartum depression.

“It was so much fun. I highly recommend a nesting party if you’re getting ready for a baby,” she concludes.

Commenters were all for the idea.

One person wrote: “Honestly, I’d prefer doing this to sitting for three hours watching someone open presents.”

Another added: “I refuse to go to baby showers but I would show up early for a nesting party.”

However, a third person had a different idea: “Nah, my husband can clean the house and cook. Me and my girls will be eating fabulous food, drinking champagne and celebrating me.”

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