Slipknot split with drummer Jay Weinberg

The heavy metal band Slipknot has made an official announcement about their decision to separate from their drummer, Jay Weinberg, who has been with the band since 2014.
Weinberg collaborated with Slipknot on their last three albums, namely, "5.: The Gray Chapter," "We Are Not Your Kind," and "The End, So Far."

In an official statement, the band expressed that their decision to part ways with drummer Jay Weinberg is a result of their ongoing creative evolution.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Jay Weinberg for his unwavering dedication and passion during his tenure of the past ten years,” the band stated on their website.

"While no one can replicate Joey Jordison's original sound, style, or energy, Jay respected Joey's contributions and played a significant role in the last three albums, a fact acknowledged and appreciated by the band and our fans. Nevertheless, Slipknot remains committed to its journey of evolution."

Before Weinberg joined the band, Slipknot's drummer was Joey Jordison. Initially citing personal reasons, Jordison later revealed his departure was due to health concerns.
"I fell seriously ill with a devastating condition called transverse myelitis, rendering me unable to play. It was a variant of multiple sclerosis, a condition I wouldn't wish upon anyone," he revealed.

Jordison passed away peacefully in his sleep in 2021.

Regarding Weinberg's recent departure, the band's statement conveyed their best wishes for Jay's future endeavors, expressing excitement for what lies ahead for the drummer.

On social media, the band's fans have raised questions about the decision, speculating whether there might be tension or conflicts among the members.

“Soon this band is just going to be session musicians with a dancing clown batting a beer keg. Grateful I got to see Slipknot when they were a real band and I feel sorry for any fan who sees whatever sad version stumbles up on stage in the future,” one fan wrote on an Instagram post celebrating the birthday of member Mick Thomson.
"Are you really going to remove someone who has been voted the best metal drummer two years in a row from creating music with YOUR band and not explain WHY?" another disappointed fan commented.

"Let's be honest, this clearly wasn't Jay's choice. Just call it Corey Taylor's band by now because that's what he's turning it into."

Weinberg's most recent Instagram post doesn't address the departure but instead expresses gratitude after being named metal drummer of the year.

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