Remains of extraterrestrial beings discovered to contain genetic material with a 30% composition from an unidentified species.

The existence of extraterrestrial life is a question that has crossed the minds of many at least once in their lives. Now, the possibility of finding an answer has emerged through DNA testing on alleged 'alien corpses' discovered in Peru.
The global community was left perplexed when Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan introduced two miniature mummies earlier in the year, claiming they were centuries-old extraterrestrial remains found in a diatom mine in Cusco, Peru. He asserted that this discovery was "the most important thing that has happened to humanity." However, legal action was initiated against Maussan for allegedly unlawfully taking the mummies from their country of origin.

In a recent address to the Mexican Congress, Maussan, a controversial figure, asserted that DNA tests on the corpses yielded astonishing results. According to him, 30% of the DNA is 'not from any known species,' and Mexican researchers standing alongside him confirmed the authenticity of the mummies.

Maussan stated, “This is the first time extraterrestrial life has been presented in this manner. We have a clear example of non-human specimens unrelated to any known species on our planet." He emphasized the significance of sharing information about non-human technology and beings with the public, advocating that the truth about extraterrestrial life should unite humanity.

Ufologist Will Galison, who examined the mummies closely, expressed concern, suggesting that we should be more alarmed about them than we currently are.
While Maussan's claims have stirred curiosity, it's essential to note his track record, which includes questionable discoveries such as the 'Metepec Creature' and the 'Demon Fairy.' The former turned out to be a skinned monkey, and the latter, sold for $10,000 (£7,910), was revealed to be constructed from the remains of a bat with added wooden sticks and epoxy resin. Maussan has also been inducted into the UFO Watchdog Hall of Shame for false claims and fraud attempts in the realm of UFO-related phenomena.

Considering his history, skepticism surrounds whether this latest claim provides the conclusive proof of extraterrestrial life that has eluded us for years.

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