OnlyFans model Corinna Kopf reveals the mind-blowing amount she earns each month

If you wondered just how much some people can make from posting their racy snaps online, then look no further.

Top creator Corinna Kopf has revealed the mind-boggling amounts of money she rakes in from the site every month.
But before you're seduced into quitting your day job to start doing the horizontal mambo online full time, it's perhaps worth noting the average monthly earnings on the site.

While there are creators like Corinna who make it big, most people don't earn anywhere the enormous amount she does.

In fact, the earnings on the platform for an average account stand at around $150-$180 per month, according to Influencer Marketing Hub.

That's not to say that some people haven't made serious money on the platform though, including Kopf.

So just how much does she make on her account?

Well, I'll give you a clue, it's a great deal more than $180.
In fact, in a bad month, Corinna will get a payout of around $680,000 on her account. That's a bad month.

A good month however, will see her measuring her earnings in millions rather than thousands. This can be around $2 million, in a month.

OnlyFans has become known primarily as a platform which is used to sell adult content.
Users pay a monthly subscription to access a page, and can then also pay extra to see other content on the site.

Many creators also charge fans to make 'custom' videos for them.

Some have made so much money that they have walked away form the platform to pursue other endeavours, such as Amouranth who is now pursuing investments in companies including Visa while continuing to stream on Twitch.
Money on the platform is very geared towards the larger accounts, with Influencer Marketing Hub claiming that the top 1% biggest earning accounts take home around 33% of the money which passes through the site.

And just how much is that in total?

Well one estimate from May 2023 suggests that OnlyFans has paid out as much as $5 billion to its content creators since its foundation in 2016.

Creators take home 80 percent of the subscription fee on their page, with OnlyFans taking a cut of 20 percent.

Unsurprisingly, many of the largest earners on the platform were already big names before they started using the site.

These include Blac Chyna, Bella Thorne, Mia Khalifa and Cardi B.

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