Married At First Sight’s Peggy and Georges confirm they’re still together and have exciting news

Georges and Peggy from MAFS have shared some heartwarming news
Now, MAFS has been without a doubt one of the biggest dating shows on TV this year.

But what happens to our favourite couples when the series ends and we are left with a big reality TV-shaped hole in our lives?

Well, thankfully two of this year’s contestants, Georges Berthonneau and Peggy Rose Lawrence, have issued an update on how they are finding things.

The duo had some tough times during their time on the show, as they struggled with intimacy issues and career prospects.

However, all’s well that ends well, as the pair have confirmed they are still together.

“CONFIRMED: We’re still together! We held back on sharing and smothering socials to give ourselves some much needed quality time post the show end,” they wrote in a joint statement on Instagram.

“Although we are in a relationship, we still have our own identity and individuality – that’s what makes us so strong.

“As cliche as this sounds, we want to thank you all for your patience – it hasn’t been easy, but sharing our journey with you means the world as your ongoing love and support are everything to us.”

They continued: “Plus, we have more exciting news: we’ve created joint accounts to share our life post MAFS. Follow along for more updates. Here’s to the next chapter!”

Fans have shared their thoughts on the duo’s update in the comments section.

“Both lovely people in your own way. Nice to see you’re still together Georges really matured as a person. Ignore the hate and keep doing you. Nice to see you both happy,” one person wrote.

A second put: “Good! Lovely together and that man adores you!”

While a third said: “So happy for you both, I can honestly say I didn’t think georges was for you. But wow his growth was amazing to watch. Good luck to you both. Loved watching your story.”

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