Man creates 'Taylor Swift jar' for his wife to pay fine every time she mentions singer's name

Swear boxes can be a great way to raise money, maybe in a bar for a charitable cause, but why stop at four letter words?
At least, that's what one man has introduced for his wife, not for conventional swear words, but something else entirely.

You might expect the usual words, ranging from the cheaper ones like arse or crap, all the way to the very expensive 'cant' (say it in a posh British accent).

But this man has decided to put a similar rule in place for T*ylor Sw*ft.

And yes, that also prohibits mention of Tr*vis K*lce, and the name of the infamous tour, or indeed anything whatsoever to do with a certain singer.

Maryland realtor Dana Rice posted a clip to her Instagram page of her husband putting together the jar.

It included the rule that every name she says T-A-Y-L-O-R S-W-I-F-T, she has to put $0.25 in the jar.

In the video, Rice can be heard laughing hysterically, before zooming in on the jar after her husband sticks on the label.
It reads: "Taylor Swift Jar, any mention of Taylor Swift and you owe $0.25. I can’t take it anymore. Travis Kelce included.”

Dammit, so that's, $0.75 right?

During the video, which has had some 9.8 million views on Instagram, Rice says: "They were both on Saturday Night Live yesterday."

Her husband responded: "That's a quarter."

Surely that would be 50 cents, as that involves both of them?

Is it per offense? What are the rules here?

Fans of You Know Who absolutely loved the video, and piled into their comments to make their feelings known.

Many of them, perhaps unsurprisingly, ended up siding with the wife.

One wrote: "He’s doing you a favor you will save enough for tickets next time she tours."
Another posted: "Jokes on him, you’re using the money to go see her live."

A third suggested she make a jar of her own, writing: "Put a jar next to it for football mentions. Anytime he mentions the NFL at all, it's a quarter."

Someone else said simply: "He's gonna need a bigger jar."

Swift has been in the headlines a lot lately following her budding romance with NFL star Kelce.

The pair have been seen out and about on frequent occasions, with Swift going to see Kelce play, and even meeting his mom.

The singer's notoriously protective fans appear to have cautiously given Kelce the seal of approval.

Right, I believe those paragraphs came to $2.00? Guess I'd better cough up...

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