Leonardo DiCaprio's new girlfriend wasn't even born when 'Titanic' was released

Leonardo DiCaprio's latest romantic interest wasn't even born when he captured hearts in Titanic, the 1997 film.
It's widely known that DiCaprio has a preference for younger women in his romantic relationships, typically those under the age of 30. Throughout the years, the renowned actor has been linked romantically with a series of stunning models and actresses, including names like Gisele B√ľndchen, Naomi Campbell, Miranda Kerr, Blake Lively, Demi Moore, and Kelly Rohrbach, among others.

DiCaprio's dating choices have become a recurring topic of humor in Hollywood, often serving as material for comedians who enjoy teasing his inclination for youthful partners.
It's common knowledge that many of Leonardo DiCaprio's relationships tend to fade away as his partners approach their late twenties.

Adding to the ongoing chatter, the 48-year-old Hollywood superstar recently introduced his latest romantic interest: 25-year-old Italian model Vittoria Ceretti. The couple made a public appearance together, displaying evident affection, after attending a Halloween party in Los Angeles over the weekend.

While numerous fans are excited about Leo's new love affair, the internet, as expected, immediately started crafting jokes about the relationship.

Reddit has been abuzz with people sharing their opinions. One user quipped, "I have a feeling things will cool off in a few months when someone has a birthday and becomes too old for him."

Another commenter remarked, "How does he manage to keep up with this? I'm younger than both of them, and I'm exhausted after 10 pm."

A different user swiftly pointed out that Ceretti was born in 1998, after the release of Titanic.

So, while DiCaprio was captivating hearts worldwide, his current girlfriend hadn't even taken her first steps.

One user humorously reflected, "I can't believe that the 7-year-old me watching Titanic in 1998 thought I would always be too young for Leo, even when I grew up. Now, in 2023, it turns out I am an adult... and I'm too old."
However, as numerous Reddit users have noted, while some find his relationships unconventional, there's nothing malicious happening.

One individual remarked, "Why do people treat a 25-year-old as if they're a child or teenager? It's rather disrespectful to suggest that a grown woman of 25 isn't mature enough to make her own choices in partners."

Regardless of opinions about DiCaprio, it's undeniable that he maintains consistency in his approach.

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