Influencer who 'got boyfriend's name tattooed on forehead' finally admits it is fake

The influencer who previously asserted that she had permanently inked her boyfriend's name across her forehead has now come clean...

TikToker Ana Stanskovsky gained widespread attention with 32.2 million views on the social media platform after posting a video where she appeared to be getting her partner Kevin's name tattooed on her forehead.

The eyebrow-raising clip documented her reaction as the "tattoo needle" created bold, giant, black lettering just below her hairline. After its completion, the influencer smiled at her reflection in the mirror, admiring the bold addition.
However, not everyone was convinced the tattoo was real as many body art enthusiasts rushed to the comment section to share their thoughts. They posted remarks such as: "It’s a prank. There’s no blood or redness," or "People who think this is real have obviously never gotten a tattoo."

The couple addressed the comments by sharing a series of explanation videos, vehemently asserting that the extreme act of devotion to Kevin was not a "prank."

In a specific clip, Ana responded to a comment suggesting she would regret it one day, emphatically stating that every time she looks in the mirror, she feels "in love."

"I'm in love with the tattoo and I'm in love with my boyfriend," she declared. "I think if you really love someone, you've just got to show it, you know, you've just got to prove it."

She further explained that the extravagant tattoo was her way of "expressing love" to her significant other and addressed concerns about what would happen if she and Kevin were to break up.

"I know many of you said I'm gonna regret that and what if we break up and all of this stuff, all of this horrible stuff, and I just wanna say this is how I'm expressing my feelings. So if I love someone, I'm doing this," she said. "I'm loving it, I'm definitely never gonna regret that. How can I regret this? It's beautiful."
Safe to say, not everyone was impressed with her attempt at beating the fake ink allegations as many shared comments like: "There’s nothing you could do to convince me this is real," or "[its] definitely a temporary tattoo."

Even a celebrity tattooist, ironically named Kevin Paul, chimed in on the controversy and remarked that he doesn't believe that it is authentic.

Speaking to the Metro, Paul said: "100% fake," adding, "It’s literally black marker pen."

The professional - who's drawn on Rihanna, Harry Styles, and Ed Sheeran - explained that there are several suspect elements to the young woman's story. "The machine isn’t even running and there’s no ink coming out of it. There’s no needle actually going into the skin," he said.

The tattoo aficionado also has ink on his head and called out Ana's supposed reaction to getting tattooed. "You don’t sit with a face like that when you're getting your head tattooed," he said, adding that it's supposed to "hurt".

He also criticized her video as a "desperate attempt for a tattoo artist to get noticed, and for the girl to get more followers".

"I want everyone to know that I regret my tattoos and you might regret yours when you get older," she said. "And as a person fully covered in tattoos, I feel like this is my responsibility to speak up, share my experience, and when people see me on social media the first thing they notice about me is my tattoos. So if I influence people, I want to influence people in the right way."

The content creator revealed that when she got her first designs inked 10 years ago, her mom and her friends told her she would "regret" them, but she didn't listen to them because they didn't have any tattoos.

"But if there was a person covered in tattoos, saying they regret their tattoos, [then] I would've listened," Ana concluded.

The influencer posted a video on her social media page where she wiped off the phony tat from her forehead and explained why she did it.

"All I want to say is that I regret my tattoo...but not this one," she said as she pointed to the Kevin design, before wiping and saying: "Because this is not actually a real tattoo."

Ana said she "tricked the whole internet" because she wanted to use her platform to send a message to anyone in the younger generation who wants to go under the needle for inkwork.
Ana's comment section for her admission - which has now amassed over 19 million views - did not disappoint as one user quipped: "You waited too long and I got a forehead tattoo in that time."

Another joked: "Too late I got Kevin tatted on my forehead too," while a third person pointed out: "No one ever thought it was a real tattoo."

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