‘I think being a hairy woman is super hot and others should embrace it’

‘Hairy bodies are beautiful’
A body-confidence blogger in the UK has gone viral across the world for her approach to body-positivity.

Lydi Winter, who goes by @lydi.hairy on TikTok, advocates for a woman’s right not to shave their body hair by sharing countless videos of herself embracing her body in its natural state.

In one video, Winter says: “I’m a big body hair fan!! It took me a long time to get this comfortable… but I think anyone can get there.”

In another video, Winter can be seen showing off her favourite orange bikini leading many in the comment section to voice their support and praise.

One person wrote: “I love how people like this are living how they want without falling into the pressure of how a ‘woman should look’.”

Another commented: “Y’all act like every human is supposed to be baby smooth. At least she has more confidence than any of y’all will have.”

A third wrote: “I wish this was the norm.” While a fourth commented: “Why is everyone shocked… like it’s normal to have hair there.”
Another wrote: “You look fab, I’m sorry about the backhanded comments you receive. Keep doing you.”

Despite all the positive comments, there are still some who think a woman’s body should be hairless from top to bottom.

One person wrote: “I was not expecting that.” Another said: “I gasped out loud.” A third said: “Why don’t you shave?”
Isn’t it time we just let people do what they want with their own bodies?

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