Grammy-nominated singer told to stop singing on flight: 'Your entitlement is actually insane'

A Grammy-nominated gospel singer was told to sit down and be quiet after she started singing to passengers on a flight.

Bobbi Storm was nearly booted from a Delta Air Lines flight after continually attempting to belt out her newly released song titled, 'We Can't Forget Him' in front of travelers.

On Saturday (November 11), the 36-year-old songstress took to her Instagram page to share a video of the verbal altercation between her and a flight crew member.
In the viral clip, Storm walked up the aisle before being instructed to go back to her seat, to which she obliged. She then turned to the people around her to excitedly announce that she had just found out she was "up for two Grammys," adding, "My very first time, you guys."

Watch the moment below:

The singer from Detroit is a featured vocalist on Maverick City Music's latest Grammy-nominated album, The Maverick Way Complete. The band is a Christian singing group nominated for best gospel album and best contemporary Christian music performance/song.

In celebration of the amazing news, Storm told passengers that she "sings for the Lord" and wanted to share it with everyone by performing her new song on the plane.

However, the flight attendant came over and asked her, "Are you able to be quiet?" but Storm retaliated, questioning why she had to stop if the other people were "enjoying it".

"Well, I’m not enjoying it. I’m asking you, can you please be quiet?" the man said in return, to which Storm responded, "Am I gonna go to jail if I don’t?"
The flight attendant repeated himself, visibly growing more annoyed and pleading with her to answer his question. But Storm was adamant about performing her song for everyone, stating: "I'm doing what the Lord is telling me to do."

Eventually, the Delta employee threatened the Grammy-nominated passenger with the possibility of her being kicked off the plane, saying: "If you’re not able to follow my instructions, you will not be taking this flight."

The defiant musician said she would continue to "sing it on the low" after the crew member walked away, and proceeded to do so.
The video circulated around social media and sparked a debate, with many commenters slamming Storm as "entitled" for not respecting that some passengers may have wanted peace and quiet on the flight.

One user said: "Your entitlement is actually insane," while another chimed in: "Disgusting behavior. There’s a time for everything."

A third user criticized: "You realize you were the rude one, not the flight attendant? It’s super inconsiderate of others on the plane all going thru their own things to assume everyone wants to hear you singing and force them to be subjected to it."

A fourth added: "I stand with the purser. He has a job to do. After your blatant lack of compliance, while wasting everyone’s time, my next question would have been, 'Do you want to stay or do you want to go?' He was well within his duties to remove you and should have."

In a follow-up video, Storm revealed that the flight company had reached out to her after the incident but added that she didn't want the male employee to be "reprimanded".

In the comments of the original video, the artist shared a statement, which read: "To be clear so I don’t have to address anyone personally I have [sung] on over 50 flights. There were NO LAWS broken here."

"We boarded the plane and usually that’s when I would take the opportunity to sing but they had the speakers loud and I didn’t want to force it. I then said to my neighbor I really want to sing on this flight bc I felt a pull in my spirit and I told her if God wants me to do it, I'll see what things are like when we land," she added.

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