EXCLUSIVE: 'My daughter is pregnant at 14 - I'm excited to be one of UK's youngest grans'

Mum-of-two Kerrie Coles was shocked when her youngest daughter, Hollie, told her she was pregnant aged 14, but now feels excited to welcome her first grandchild into the world
A woman is set to become one of Britain's youngest grandmothers at 33, as her youngest child 'follows in her footsteps' at 14 years old. Kerrie Coles, 33, has shared her excitement to welcome her first grandchild into the world in February 2024, after her teen daughter Hollie Holgate announced she had fallen pregnant earlier this year.

Kerrie was just 16 when she had her eldest daughter, Millie, and one year later, she gave birth to her second child, Hollie. Hollie, 14, says she feels 'comfortable' stepping into motherhood knowing her own mum was a young parent. She said: "Following her footsteps and taking her advice makes me reassured that I can do a good job."
Kerrie, from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, is looking forward to having cuddles and watching Hollie become a mum. "When she told me I cried. I was scared when we first found out, it wasn't really happiness - I was terrified for her," she admitted. "I am looking forward to seeing Hollie grow as a person. I am looking forward to seeing her grow up and see how she is as a parent. I can't wait to get my baby cuddles in without giving birth."

Hollie has said she will be taking all of her mum's advice and praises Kerrie for being a 'strong role model'. "I'm really excited to become a mum as I have seen my mum as a strong role model of being an amazing parent," she said, adding: "Knowing my mum was a young mum makes me feel comfortable with talking to her about everything and knowing she can give me the best advice."

Kerrie - a young mum herself - gave birth to daughter Millie in February 2007 at Milton Keynes University Hospital, weighing 6lb 11oz. Just over a year later, she fell pregnant again and welcomed Hollie into the world in January 2009, weighing 7lbs. Now, Hollie is pregnant with her own child - making domestic assistant Kerrie one of the nation's youngest grandparents in her early thirties.
Reflecting on the moment she found out she was pregnant as a teen, Kerrie said: "I found it easy at 16 - I found out the week I did my GCSEs. I managed to finish them and I had a lot of support from my family. When I had Hollie, I wasn't in a good position with her dad and we had separated. Overall, we had great memories. We managed to go on holiday. I still managed to provide a life for them. Now they are teenagers we are really close, they are almost like my friends."

In July 2023, Hollie broke the news to Kerrie that she was pregnant. She says she feels supported by her mum and the baby's dad's family. "I felt overwhelmed, I was shocked and I didn't know how I was going to adjust to something so big," Hollie explained. "I was so relieved that Mum stuck by my side, I felt mad at myself for disappointing her."

Kerrie confessed she was 'terrified' for her daughter initially but promised to support her decision. "We went to the clinic and we found out that she was further gone than expected. I told her I would stick by her. Seeing the baby on the screen was a real moment for me. I had to stick by her," she explained.

Hollie - who is expecting a boy - is now 25 weeks pregnant and is still studying. She is expected to give birth in February. "It's been full of challenges, but it feels so rewarding to get over them," Hollie explained. "I love knowing he is there. I am looking forward to letting him know that I have his back in life. That I will always be by his side and he has an amazing family."

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