Dana White reveals impressive body transformation following an 86-hour fasting period.

UFC CEO Dana White encourages his social media followers to try out his fasting approach, claiming that the results have left him noticeably 'shredded.' While actively promoting the latest UFC fights, White has consistently shared his commitment to achieving a fit physique on his Instagram.
His recent post encourages his audience to explore the benefits of fasting, emphasizing both its health advantages and the positive impact on physical well-being. Describing the post-fast experience, White personally expressed feeling like a 'superhero,' suggesting that it might be worthwhile for others to consider.

"After leaving the event on Saturday night, I initiated a fast," he mentioned in the video shared on his page on Wednesday (November 16).

White proceeded to display an image of himself on Saturday night and then another photo taken on Wednesday morning.

In the Saturday image, White is visibly in good shape, but his abs are slightly less defined, and his chest appears somewhat bloated. This is in stark contrast to his Wednesday photo, where he appears noticeably more lean.

“I don’t know if you have seen this online but it is called the 7-day water fast. I'm going to walk you through what the protocol is,” he continued.

He went on to elucidate that for the initial 24 hours, he solely consumed water but made sure to include electrolytes. Notably, he emphasized that the added electrolytes had virtually zero sugars and carbs.
The next step is to drink bone broth the next day. He explained the brand that he uses only has 45 calories and less than 1 gram of carbs and around 13 grams of protein.

He said to drink the bone broth twice a day for the next two days alongside the water.

He concluded by saying: “You are going to feel incredible and obviously you are doing it for the internal but externally you get absolutely shredded on this thing.”

While proud of his results, White clarified in his caption that he obviously wasn’t a doctor and encouraged his followers to do their own research before embarking on the no-food diet.
Though many of White's social media followers expressed conviction and commended him for his dedication, the medical community seems to have a mixed consensus on the diet's benefits.

In an article on Healthline, reviewed by dietitian Amy Richter, there is acknowledgment that water fasting may lower the risk of certain chronic diseases and offer health benefits. However, it also points out potential risks that should be carefully considered.

Therefore, it might be advisable to consult with your doctor before embarking on the latest dieting trend.

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