Bride asks for advice after learning her new husband has a micropenis during their honeymoon

A bride has questioned whether she has the right to be angry after she discovered that her husband had a micropenis as he kept it hidden from her until after they were married.
Getting married is a big step in anyone's life, and although the ceremonies have become less traditional over the years, some still adhere to what was once deemed the correct way to do things.

It seems like one Redditor was convinced by her husband to not have sexual relations until they were married, and his motives soon became clear.

Taking to the popular Am I The A**hole (AITA) subreddit, a bride has revealed that she married her fiance after a year together, but he didn't wave to have sex until after marriage because he claimed to be "old fashioned like that".
She added: "We got close to fooling around a couple times but it never went far. I tried, but he always stopped after it went too far."

It was during their honeymoon when all was revealed, and it turned out that her husband had a micropenis and didn't share that information beforehand.

She asked: "Am I the a**hole for reading into this and being upset that I waited until my wedding night to find out that he probably isn't as 'old-fashioned' as he says he is?"

The Redditor went on: "I kind of feel lied to. Like a halftruth...or something was intentionally withheld from me. This was unexpected, to say the least."

Things took an even more sinister turn when her husband stumbled across the Reddit post, and threatened legal action as he believed people would eventually find out his name.
"I confronted him last week about intentionally keeping this from me and he said he was sure I would leave him if I knew about the size prior to the wedding," the post went on.

"He wanted to talk before the wedding but feared it being called off because of his micropenis and said if both families found out/gossiped about it he would be crushed."

The Redditor concluded by referring to her husband as a "sweet, sweet man" and that she wasn't going to walk away from him due to this.

People naturally wanted to offer their thoughts in the comments, as one person penned: "I’d be upset about the maneuvering this guy did, not his actual equipment size."
A second person said: "I would honestly leave him based on the outright lie. He's not old fashioned he manipulated you until you couldn't leave. And then gaslight and turns it on you when you reach out about it and he found out."

A third added: "He did deceive her, though. She was more than willing to test drive, yet he denied her the possibility because he knew she'd discover his little secret."

It's certainly a tough situation, and while nobody should be shamed for their body, honesty is usually the best policy.

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