Billionaire pays for 1,200 employees to go on all-expenses trip to Disney World

Some employers may give their employees a Christmas card, perhaps a gift, or in rare cases, an annual cash bonus. However, a billionaire boss has outdone them all by generously treating 1,200 members of his company to an all-inclusive trip to Walt Disney World in Japan. How can we join in on the fun?
Citadel and Citadel Securities recently marked their 20th and 30th anniversaries, and in a generous gesture, CEO Ken Griffin decided to cover the expenses for an impressive three-day trip for employees from six Asia Pacific offices, including those in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo.

This act of kindness allowed staff and their families to embark on the adventure of a lifetime at Walt Disney World Tokyo, Tokyo Disneyland, and DisneySea. According to Bloomberg, 300 children were also part of this memorable trip.

As if that weren't enough, each attendee received upgraded queue jump passes, ensuring they didn't have to wait in lines for popular rides like Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean, as confirmed by a Citadel spokesperson. How fortunate they were!
The cost of one-day passes to the park falls within the range of $52.75 to $72.78 per person, quickly accumulating to approximately $100,000 for just a single day.

But Griffin's generosity didn't stop there; employees were also treated to exclusive performances by Maroon 5 and Calvin Harris. According to Insider, Griffin, whose net worth is $36 billion, addressed the audience before Maroon 5 took the stage, stating, "Today, the remarkable talent we have gathered is truly extraordinary. We have established not one, but two firms leading the industry. Together, we have envisioned and shaped the future of finance."

What a thoughtful gesture. However, the employees at Citadel and Citadel Securities are already well aware of Griffin's generous nature.
In the previous year, he arranged for his US and European employees to visit Disney World Orlando, where he generously paid for their flights, accommodations, park admissions, and meals for 10,000 staff members and their families.

Additionally, these employees enjoyed a spectacular concert featuring renowned artists such as Carly Rae Jepsen, Diplo, and Coldplay.

I can't help but wonder if he will ever disclose his music industry connections - just curious on behalf of a friend.

And Griffin is not the sole billionaire who has dedicated a significant sum of money to benefit others.
In May, Robert Hale, the CEO of Granite Telecommunications, made a remarkable gesture by presenting $1,000 to 2,523 UMass graduates during their graduation ceremony.

The money was distributed in two separate envelopes, each containing $500. However, there was a unique twist to this generous act.

In his commencement speech, Hale explained, "There are two sets of envelopes: One marked 'Gift' is for you. The other marked 'Give' is also for you, but it's meant to be given away."

He further emphasized, "Share in the happiness of giving. Congratulations, Beacons!"

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