A physician elucidates the impact of No Nut November on the male anatomy as individuals engage in the challenge's concluding day today.

Today marks the conclusion of November, and for many, thoughts turn to advent calendars or contemplating ideas for a small plastic elf. Yet, for some individuals, it signifies the culmination of No Nut November—an endeavor in which men refrain from engaging in sexual activity and masturbation for the entire month.
Participants in this challenge assert that resisting the urge to engage in self-pleasure can lead to increased focus, improved mental wellbeing, and prevention of erectile dysfunction. However, there is limited evidence supporting these claims, and some experts suggest that it may even have negative consequences.

Dr. Alexis Missick, an expert in erectile dysfunction from the pharmaceutical company UK Meds, shared with the Daily Star that masturbation has actual benefits, and No Nut November might not be advantageous for men. She explained, "Masturbation has positive effects on testosterone levels and libido, creating a beneficial cycle. Engaging in this activity can delay ejaculation, akin to building stamina and establishing a routine."

Dr. Missick emphasized that masturbation can also address psychological issues such as low self-esteem and performance anxiety, which could contribute to erectile dysfunction. Conversely, abstaining from masturbation may exacerbate premature ejaculation and indirectly lead to erectile dysfunction.
Dr. Rena Malik, another expert, echoed this sentiment on her YouTube channel, suggesting that not ejaculating might enhance fertility during subsequent sexual activity. However, she emphasized that there isn't a compelling reason to abstain for 30 days, as the benefits of masturbation would be missed. Overall, experts caution against participating in No Nut November, pointing out that while there may not be significant health penalties, the challenge doesn't offer substantial advantages either.
Dr. Malik highlighted, "Masturbation offers numerous benefits, including improved sleep, reduced heart rate, decreased stress, and a notable increase in feel-good hormones. People may experience pain and discomfort in their pelvic floor or testicles, and many are familiar with the term 'blue balls.'"

Other health professionals have also expressed their views on the potential side effects of No Nut November, and they share a similar stance. Dr. Karan Rajan explained that even if someone aims to abstain from masturbating for a month, the body continues to produce sperm and requires a means to eliminate it periodically.

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