77-year-old Uber driver struggling to get by shares how much she makes in a week

A 77-year-old Uber driver has disclosed her weekly earnings, acknowledging the challenges of making ends meet. The escalating cost of living is significantly impacting many Americans, prompting them to seek additional employment to cover basic necessities like food and beverages.

In response to this financial strain, some individuals turn to rideshare driving, with Uber emerging as the most popular option nationwide. Despite this trend, one driver has confessed to actually losing money due to the expenses incurred for gas and vehicle repairs.

While Germaine expresses a desire to quit this part-time gig, she finds herself compelled to continue working at least part-time. This is necessary to supplement her Social Security benefits, as she is only partially retired.
In a conversation with Business Insider, Germaine expressed her discontent with how rideshare companies handle their drivers. She highlighted the financial challenges, emphasizing the need for drivers to cover expenses like insurance, lacking health insurance, and minimal benefits that she finds impractical.

For the recent interview, Germaine opted to provide only her middle name, fearing potential repercussions from Uber.

Currently, Germaine dedicates six days a week to driving for Uber, putting in four to six hours each day. In addition to this, she juggles other part-time jobs, including managing her own Etsy store. Her current weekly earnings are approximately $300, a decline from the $500-$600 she used to make from ridesharing.

To avoid additional car repairs, Germaine now avoids longer trips. Despite residing in the popular and tourist-driven South Florida, she notes increased competition since the pandemic, resulting in significantly reduced earnings per trip.
Speaking to Business Insider, Germaine revealed that she now earns as little as $2.60 for certain shorter trips, a significant drop from the previous minimum of $4 to $5 that existed a few years ago.

Expressing her perspective on gig work, Germaine said, "Gig work is attractive in a way because it gives you the impression that you are your own boss because you can do it whenever you want, but at the end of the day, you're not getting enough in most cases."

In response to rising gas prices, the company has reportedly compensated Germaine approximately $0.55 for each trip. However, she maintains that this hasn't substantially improved the overall amount of money she takes home.

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