"You Cannot Eat Anymore" — Woman Overstays Her Welcome at All-You-Can-Eat Hibachi Buffet

A TikToker has sparked debate after trying to see how long it would take for her to get kicked out of an all-you-can-eat buffet.
If there's one phrase out there that never fails to bring joy, it's 'all you can eat'. You mean I can stuff my face with as much food as possible, racking up endless plates, for one set price? Bring it on.

This is the attitude TikTok user Madison apparently had when she arrived at Cici's Pizza; a restaurant chain specializing in - you guessed it - pizza.

Madison decided to take Cici's up on its offer of unlimited pizza and cinnamon rolls for the fixed price of $8.49, but rather than just enjoying a couple of hours of tasty food, she decided to see how much she could really get out of it.

"Seeing how long it takes to get kicked out of Cici's pizza buffet," Madison titled her video, which showed her tucking in to various pizzas and an abundance of cinnamon rolls.

What is essentially endless dough is definitely one of the more filling buffet options out there, but Madison didn't seem phased as she sat and ate for three hours before taking a brief break to check out the arcade.
She lost a bit of money to the machines, but got right back to eating as she noted she 'didn't come here to play games', but instead 'came here to get [her] $9 worth'.

It wasn't until eight hours after she first arrived that Madison 'started to get full', so she set about cleaning up her table.

It was at that point that an employee came up to Madison and asked her to leave, pointing out she'd been there for longer than two hours.

Indicating the two-hour limit hadn't always been in place, the employee added: "They just made a new rule, I'm sorry. I'm just letting you know."

Still, there's no denying Madison spent her fair share of time at the Cici's, even if she claimed she 'didn't get [her] money's worth'.
Alongside the video, Madison asked viewers: "I got kicked out this time. Do you think I got my $9 worth?"

Her efforts to enjoy the all-you-can-eat for as long as possible were met with mixed responses from viewers, with one person commenting: "You’re my hero Madison, I need you to know [that]."

Other viewers weren't so impressed, however, as one internet user over on Reddit said they found it 'cringe' that someone would 'abuse a restaurant' by taking advantage of the all-you-can-eat deal.

Though Madison's attempts to get her 'money's worth' might not be for everyone, the TikToker isn't shying away from the challenge as she's also experimented at other restaurants, including Hibachi Buffet and Golden Corral Buffet.

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