'World's most jealous woman' makes husband take lie detector test every time he comes home

Debbi Wood and her husband Steve previously opened up about their unique relationship which seemingly exists through Debbi giving him a set of rules to live by.
Most relationships are subject to a little bit of jealousy on the odd occasion if someone ends up getting a little too flirty with your significant other, but the conditions Steve has to live under are far more extreme.

Debbi admitted to getting Steve to complete lie detector tests in their home and bans him from watching other women on television, in case he finds them more attractive.

The pair appeared on UK TV show This Morning in 2015 to discuss their unique romance, as Debbi told the hosts why she's so jealous.

"When you've got a good man, you're not going to let him go, are ya?," the then-44-year-old said.

When asked if she might "frighten him off", Debbi responded: "I don't think I could frighten him off if I tried."

Steve, then 32, responded that there is "no danger of that happening anytime soon", and added: "If I was going to go I'd have probably gone by now to be honest with you."

He revealed that while Debbi used to subject him to lie detector tests every time he came home, they now only happen "once in a blue moon" - which is some improvement.

When it comes to being banned from watching certain shows on television, Steve claimed it wasn't much of a hindrance as he prefers watching more male-centric programming such as football or Formula One racing.
Explaining why certain shows are off-limits, Debbi told the hosts: "I think it's more a reflection of... to be honest with you I can understand if the man had married someone that's beautiful, because all women have an inner beauty and an outer beauty.

"But for me, it's a case of when a man goes beyond appreciating a beauty to doing what the Urban Dictionary defines as eye-[f**king], or lusting after a woman mentally... having some sort of intimate fantasy about them."

In another television appearance, it was revealed that Debbi suffers from Othello syndrome, which is a registered condition that causes a person to be convinced their partner is being unfaithful, even if they are not.

The condition is also known as morbid or pathological jealousy, and sufferers can undergo treatment with medication or cognitive behavioral therapy.

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