Woman who wasn't sure she'd make it to 60 throws herself quincea├▒era to celebrate her birthday

A woman who thought that she wouldn't make it to 60 years old has thrown herself the quincea├▒era she never had as a teenager to celebrate her birthday.

Livier Reynoso had been living with diabetes, a condition that posed a significant threat to her health, and doctors had expressed concerns about her well-being, making her uncertain about reaching her 60s.

However, against all odds, Livier not only reached this incredible milestone but also celebrated it in a unique manner.
On September 10, members of her family gathered at the Saint Anthony Catholic Church in Oakley, which holds a special place in Livier's heart, for a mass. Following the religious service, a festive fiesta unfolded at a local family ranch.

A quincea├▒era is a traditional Latin American celebration typically reserved for teenage girls turning 15.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Livier described her quincea├▒era as nothing short of "incredible."

She expressed: "Everything was just how I dreamed it would be on the big day. For me, it was something grand to see my whole family reunited and happy and to see my friends. It was something bigger than I ever could have imagined.

"It was just like the parties I used to see when I was that age … Everything was incredible. Everything was just how I dreamed it would be."

Adding a touch of Disney magic to her special day, Livier donned a magnificent gown inspired by The Princess and the Frog.

Her dress mirrored the iconic outfits worn by Tiana in the beloved 2009 Disney film. Her court of damas, comprised of her female friends, also dazzled in various Disney princess gowns.

"When I saw The Princess and the Frog, I really liked the dresses, and the first thing I said was that one day, I was going to make a dress like hers," Livier shared with GMA.
A video capturing the highlights of her quincea├▒era swiftly went viral on TikTok in September, amassing nearly 155,000 likes within a month.

The clip offers glimpses of the event, including the mass at the church, and Livier's dance with a "prince".

Suzette Reynoso-Bivens, Livier's niece and the videographer behind the viral footage, described the celebration as "a great sight to see."

She said: "It was just really a fun time ... seeing all my t├şas, [or aunts], getting dressed up as princesses. It's not something you see every day. It was a great sight to see and very inspiring as well."
Livier offered advice to anybody who may feel embarrassed about throwing a similar part as they get older, as she said: "If they want to, they have all my support because it is very fun, very exciting. You can't explain what it feels like to be in the moment.

"Don't be embarrassed. People are going to talk but it's okay to have a good time."

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