Woman claims she lost her job after company found her OnlyFans

Those days when you’re looking for a new job not only include the constant browse on job sites and the sending out as many copies of your CV as possible, but the social media swipe.
Maybe you’re removing the tag in that video your mate posted of you sinking six Jager bombs in one or perhaps deleting that ‘all play no work’ caption you thought was so funny.

But what if you have a secret online gig alongside your day job?

And I’m not talking about a pyramid scheme selling perfumes on Instagram that’s definitely not a pyramid scheme.

No, I’m talking OnlyFans, as one creator says she lost her job after the company she worked for found out about it.

Annie Knight claims to be in the top 0.4 percent of creators on OnlyFans and said getting fired if someone found it was the ‘last thing I wanted’.

A few years later, on day five of a new job, things took a turn and she ‘received an email saying termination of contract’.

The Aussie told SBS’ Insight the email contained screenshots from her account plus three reasons for her dismissal.
The reasons included allegations she falsely claimed having a side business, shared ‘online pornographic images’ with crude language and hadn’t sought the company’s permission to run this side gig.

Although Knight admitted: “By day five I hated the job so much that I wasn’t going to fight the ruling.

“But I was definitely very upset and very angry at the decision.”

She started her OnlyFans back in September 2020 and has previously been dubbed ‘Australia’s most sexually active woman’.

Knight shocked Kyle and Jackie O on their show when she told them she’d slept with 300 people – including five on the same day.
“I feel empowered afterwards,” she said. “Sex makes me feel good. It’s meant to make you feel good.”

Knight also admitted she’s ‘down to try anything’ and does ‘pretty much everything’ on her OnlyFans account.

Although, she can’t stand having a cuddle in bed.

“Some of them try but I’m not about that, surely they can tell that I don’t want to cuddle, but they keep trying,” she said.

Within a month of starting her OnlyFans, Knight was making thousands and is now reported to make around $969 a day.

And although she admitted having the account affecting her job prospects was a ‘number one concern’ when she started off, it seems like she’s doing more than okay.

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