Woman, 63, and 26-year-old husband want a ‘love child,’ trolls say they’re ‘delusional’

Despite the scores of online critics calling them “delusional,” a married pair with a 37-year age gap is on a mission to start a family together.

The coupling of Cheryl, 63, and Quran McCain, 26, sparked a firestorm of conversations on social media, some netizens saying they’re stunned over “the crypt keeper and her [little] clown.”

And now, they want a baby.
Cheryl McCain, now 63, met her much younger husband Quran in 2012 when he was a 15-year-old, working at the Dairy Queen with her son, who was his boss.

At the time, Quran, now 26, paid little attention to Cheryl, who often visited her son at the ice cream and fast-food restaurant in Rome, Georgia.

“We didn’t think much of each other–she drove a baby blue Carrera and that’s the only reason I noticed her,” Quran told The Sun.

When Quran left his job, the two lost contact. But in 2020, they met again when Quran went to a convenience store where Cheryl was working.

“I used to see her every day, she would always be so happy, but today she was sad, and I asked her what was wrong, and she was crying,” says Quran, who’s younger than Cheryl’s seven children.

Cheryl, who was working as a cashier, explained that she had posted a video of her dancing on her TikTok and was receiving hateful comments.

The pair connected that day and started sharing social media posts of them dancing. Now they have more than 4 million followers on TikTok alone.

“We connected on a spiritual level. No matter the situation, we just have a certain vibe that connects anytime we are around each other,” Quran said of Cheryl, a grandma of 17, who’s only a few years younger than his own grandmother.

The couple married in 2022 and regularly posting videos and images–oftentimes with Cheryl shamelessly wearing sexy, suggestive clothing–they are still met with a flurry of hateful comments.

One online user writes, “Y’all have to pay for my therapy this disturbed me deeply,” while a second shares, “i miss the person i was before watching this.”

But the duo doesn’t care what the public has to say.

Recently, they revealed they’re eager to have a child together, and because of Cheryl’s age, Quran explains they are looking for a “nice surrogate who is willing to sign a contract to have nothing to do with the child after its born.”

After announcing their intentions of having a baby, online audiences slammed the pair, calling them “delusional.”

“I’ll keep being delusional to y’all but I’m having a baby with her,” Quran insists in a clip where he answers the comment, “You’re really trying to have a baby with a 63-year-old woman?”

Earlier this year, Cheryl and Quran paid about $8,000 for a surrogate, who–during the process breached their contract by having unprotected sex with her own partner–left the two financially and emotionally broken.

“We’re completely broke. We don’t get paid for our content. And then the surrogate goes and bleeds us dry,” Quran said. “We had paid for her food and travel and even gave her money for her and her family to enjoy Christmas. We wanted her to be happy as she was giving us the gift we’ve always wanted.”

Quran adds, “It just feels like we’re always getting screwed over.”

Despite their setback, Cheryl and Quran are still hoping for a baby and say they are “never giving up on something we both want which is a love child.”

Trolls seized the opportunity to crush the pair, one saying, “she so scary look like zombie” and a second adding, “when she moves an inch I can hear her bones cracking!”

A third shares, “makes sense that even the crypt keeper and her [little] clown are having a better chance of getting a baby than a loving, financially stable queer couple.”

Another user, applying some logic, writes, “I’m sorry there’s a time in our lives when we should know better. It’s not safe for the mother or the baby. Realist here.”

Meanwhile some cyber citizens defended the pair.

“[Sorry] u guys have to go through bullying u guys r gonna make a great family just know that.” Another writes, “it makes me sick every single time I see a hate comment towards these beautiful beings.”

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