Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift hold hands before making surprise SNL appearance

Once more, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are making headlines, this time for being seen hand in hand before their SNL appearance.

Chances are, you've heard the buzz about Travis and Taylor over the past few weeks, and now it seems like their relationship is getting even more serious.

Their romance has been the talk of the town recently, especially since rumors started flying after Kelce attended one of Swift's Eras Tour shows at the MetLife Stadium.
It seems like he is a walking advert for shooting your shot, because he and the star have been pretty inseparable since, including Taylor making regular appearances at NFL games.

Kelce made an unexpected appearance on SNL, as revealed by an insider to the New York Post: "Travis was a surprise. He and Taylor arrived just before the show started." In one of the skits, Kelce joined a parody of Fox NFL Sunday, where the hosts seemed more fascinated by Taylor's presence at the game than the actual sport itself.

"Let's focus on the games and quit chattering about Taylor and her little boyfriend," remarked Kenan Thompson, to which Mikey Day retorted, "Hold on, nobody said boyfriend. Let's not assume things here."

Amidst a debate between the actors about who was the biggest Taylor fan, Thompson insisted they only discuss football before he would participate in the conversation.

Then, Travis surprised everyone with his appearance, humorously acknowledging the attention he and Taylor were receiving: "Yes, please!"

This skit unfolded shortly after Travis and Taylor were spotted leaving Nobu, a popular restaurant in New York, hand in hand.
This is the first bit of PDA we've seen from the pair, so can we finally confirm that they are officially dating?

Earlier this month, Taylor watched one of Travis' games with an all-star entourage including Hugh Jackman, Sophie Turner, Ryan Reynolds, and Blake Lively.

To top it off, the star was seen embracing Kelce's mom at the game which is undoubtedly a sign that she has been welcomed into the family with open arms.

As per Page Six, when it was confirmed that Swift was attending the game, ticket prices began to skyrocket.

SNL isn't the first time that Travis has made his feelings known about how much attention Taylor gets during an NFL game.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end spoke out on his podcast with his brother Jason Kelce about the coverage.
"I find it enjoyable when they showcase who's attending the game," Travis remarked. "I believe it adds to the atmosphere, makes the watching experience more engaging."

Continuing, he expressed, "However, they're definitely going a bit too far, especially in my case."

The acclaimed football star, widely acknowledged as the top tight end in the sport, acknowledged that he understands the NFL is simply having some fun with the situation. Nevertheless, he strongly believes it's time to tone it down.

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