'The View' is slammed after Whoopi Goldberg cuts off Morgan Freeman

The View has been criticized by viewers for abruptly ending their interview with actor Morgan Freeman.
The 86-year-old Oscar-winning star joined Whoopi Goldberg and other panelists live in the studio to discuss Life on our Planet, the new Netflix docuseries that he narrates.

The beloved actor was dressed in blue denim jeans, a tan jacket, and a white baseball cap and used his famous, majestic voice to discuss his insights while making the newly-released show.

Fans couldn't help but be enthralled with the stellar actor and were keen to hear more of his thoughts on our planet. However, that wasn't possible as mid-conversation, the 67-year-old Sister Act explained to the audience (and Morgan) that producers prompted her to end the segment after they used the allotted time to speak with him on the air.

Watch the interview abruptly end below:

"I had a question, but we've run out of time," Goldberg interjected in a clip that was uploaded online. "Listen, this is extraordinary, this documentary. Please keep making all the documentaries that your fingerprints are on. We thank you for coming - you're always welcome at this table."

While it seemed like Morgan was fine with ending his time on The View earlier than perhaps expected, longtime viewers didn't agree. What's more, they took to social media to voice their disappointment at the short segment.

"Y’all seriously gave Morgan Freeman just 1 segment? SERIOUSLY?!?" one angry user penned on X.

Another person shared similar sentiments, writing under the YouTube clip: "The view should have donated the whole show to speaking to that man, that man is one of the most in with it people that I have ever listened to."

Another added: "How do you cut off a legend? He'll let you know when he's done. What a smart, intelligent, lovely individual."

"They should’ve given him at least another segment," another person commented, as one YouTube user wrote: "Why was it cut so short like that? I was just getting into what he was saying about everything."
Another YouTube comment read: "It was great when the media called him 'The Narrator' for obvious reasons, several years ago. I don’t understand why guests of his caliber get one rushed-through segment while 'reality TV' personalities and pure 'fluff' get 2 segments. I wanted to hear more from him…"

The groundbreaking nature documentary follows the remarkable journey of life to conquer, adapt, and survive on Earth across billions of years.

The series uses visual effects from Industrial Light & Magic, the company founded by Star Wars creator George Lucas.

During his interview on The View, the Bruce Almighty actor shared that he was "one of those people who's very, very interested in this subject, life on the planet," adding, "You understand that today life on the planet is in a little bit of trouble and we're the cause of it."

"There have been if I remember correctly, six extinction-level events on the planet since life began. I mean, six times large, large portions of life just gone, destroyed," he continued. "We're headed for another one and scientists have said if we don't hurry up and change our ways, there's going to be a cataclysmic event that will wipe many of us off the face of the Earth."

"Well, you look back and this series does that, how far back does life exist on this planet and why does it still exist? It is because life is tenacious. Life. We're not talking about human beings here, we're talking about the planet. She'll stay," he concluded.

The eight-episode series, narrated by Freeman and executive produced by Steven Spielberg, is now available to stream globally.

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