Tattoo artist responds after he goes viral for making major spelling mistake on woman's arm

A woman recently went viral after a major spelling mistake in her new tattoo.
I mean if you’re getting a permanent inking on your body, it’s not exactly ideal if it comes out wrong.

Although, she seemed to find it absolutely hilarious when hers got completely f**ked up.

Jordan LaMattina’s popular TikTok received millions of views after her tattoo of ‘EVERYTHING’S FINE’ went wrong.

Kind of ironically, she instead ended up with ‘EVERTHIN’S FINE’.


Luckily, she laughed it off as her friend behind the camera assured the tattoo artist: “This is not your fault.

“This is the greatest moment of my life.”

However, he looked like he wanted the ground to swallow him up as he muttered to himself: “Are you f**king joking?”

And not missing out on the perfect opportunity, they repeated to the artist: “It’s okay, everthin’s fine.”
Users were in hysterics too and felt nothing but pity for the bloke, with one person saying: “That phrase will haunt him.”

And he’s since responded in a TikTok, explaining just what went down.

Saying he had a pretty busy day, he took Jordan in for a rare walk-in appointment and clicked with her while ‘paying attention to what the f**k I’m doing’.

He says that after stencil onto her hand, he was ‘making sure that it’s straight on her hand’.

“I’m not like, reading it. Same as when I’m tattooing it – I’m in there making sure the lines are saturated and straight, I’m not reading it.

“Should have been, definitely should have been.”
“So, I get through the tattoo, make sure it’s all crisp and everything. She shows it to her homegirl, like ‘hey, look what do you think’ this and that. She goes ‘it’s backward’.”

He didn’t believe it, and after looking was about to have a ‘meltdown, existential crisis’.

“I’m looking at her, trying to figure out if she’s having a panic attack or if she’s really laughing. It’s all coming down on my head.

“Turns out, she’s really happy, she liked the tattoo better.”

He also admitted it’s been ‘pretty great exposure’ for him and there’s not been any backlash to him.

“This s*** is going to happen to every tattoo artist at some point in their career. I was unlucky enough that it went viral and got eight million views in 36 hours but I was also lucky enough that my client liked it better,” he said.

“It worked out in the sense that the tattoo was supposed to be a reference to the fact s**t’s always f**ked up. Funny enough, the tattoo got f**ked up, but ended up being better that way.”

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