Soccer player Alisha Lehmann makes hundred of thousands each time she posts on Instagram

A soccer player is making headlines not only for her performance on the field but also for her impressive earnings per Instagram post.
Alisha Lehmann, a 24-year-old forward who plays for UK soccer team Aston Villa and Switzerland's national team, is thriving both professionally and financially. She has become the most-followed female soccer player on Instagram globally.

Despite declining an offer from a prominent celebrity to spend the night for $110k, Lehmann continues to earn substantial income through her online presence.
At the time of writing, Lehmann has a whopping 15.6 million followers on Instagram and is subsequently number one on 'Instagram's 10 most influential female football players,' according to American information, data and market measurement firm Nielsen Holdings.

Nielsen Holdings' report, published earlier this year in June, reveals between June 2022 and May 2023, Lehmann's following grew by 75.03 percent and her engagement rate went up by 6.99 percent.

But how much does this mean she earns, on average, per post?

Nielsen Holdings took into consideration factors including 'social following, content engagement, fan base growth, quality, reachability and equivalent media value of branded content published by each player'.
And as of June 202, the 'average media value of branded posts' by Lehmann stood at a staggering $307,352 per post.

Ah well, that $110k doesn't seem like as much of a big deal anymore does it?

So sorry to whoever it was who offered the soccer player the cash and when she told them no, messaged Lehmann's bodyguard too - sadly Lehmann was too kind to name and shame then.

And if that wasn't enough extra cash to be splashing already, Lehmann also has a 2024 calendar on sale.

The limited edition version could be yours for a whopping $182.35, but if you don't have as much money to spare - and don't mind so much about Lehmann's hand-signed signature being on it or it being one of 700 copies of the same kind - the standard calendars come in at between $60.77 and $80.23.
The official website for the calendar advertises: "BACK FOR 2024 ... Swiss International female footballer Alisha Lehmann's Official 2024 Calendar. Secure your copy to have a year filled with stunning never seen before images.

"This exclusive calendar is the perfect addition for any true fan looking for that extra touch of memorabilia and personal connection. Premium quality and presented in luxury keepsake packaging."

So, the question is, how much of a fan girl are you?

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