Saved by the Bell cast makes public appearance 30 years after show’s end – and they’re completely unrecognizable

There aren’t many people who wouldn’t immediately recognize the major cast members of Saved by the Bell.

The hit show, which ran from 1989 until 1993, introduced audiences to the quirky ongoings at Bayside High School, creating a highly entertaining product that lasts long in the memory of all who watched it during its run.

Not only was Saved by the Bell hilariously funny, but it also touched on serious issues on occasion, including drug use, homelessness, women’s rights and driving under the influence.

What’s more, its lead actors and actresses became stars virtually overnight, rising from obscurity to enjoy immense popularity. Of all the characters who were loved by audiences, though, there can be no doubting that Zack Morris held a special place in our hearts.

Which is why we were so taken back when we saw the transformation the actor who played him –Mark-Paul Gosselaar – has undergone. Gosselaar is 49 today, and just sit down before you see him…
You might not recognize the name Mark-Paul Gosselaar, but you’ll surely remember Zack Morris. The cheeky, lovable rogue was arguably the main character of Saved by the Bell, and certainly amongst the most popular.

Put simply, he was the kid every young boy dreamed of being. Mischievous, bold, and full of tricks, yet able to charm teachers and the school principal to somehow always get off the hook.

Zach was portrayed – excellently, we might add – by Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who first took on the role in 1989, aged 14.
Gosselaar really brought the character of Zack to life in a way that endeared him to audiences and fellow cast members. Indeed, it could be argued he became one of the most popular teenage TV actors of the era, perfectly characterized by his boyish good looks and cheeky smile.

Yet fans were positively shocked when Gosselaar made a surprise appearance at the retro-themed 90s Con festival on Saturday.

As per the Daily Mirror, the actor, whose work since has included such shows as CSI, Raising the Bar, and The Passage, turned up at the event wearing a cream button down top and a pair of grey trousers.
Other guests to attend the event included Melisa Joan Hart from Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the cast of Charmed. Mario Lopez, who starred alongside Gosselaar in Saved by the Bell also made an appearance.
Definitely, everyone has grown up and looks incredibly different. If I were to run into them on the street, I would never recognize them!

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