Peter Crouch’s wife Abbey Clancy admits she accidentally sent ‘sexy pic’ to 200 of his friends

Abbey Clancy lived one of our worst nightmares.
The wife of Peter Crouch accidentally sent a picture of herself only meant for his eyes to 200 of his friends.

The 37-year-old recounted the awkward affair during an appearance on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, explaining how she usually uses Peter’s golfing Whatsapp group to check his whereabouts when he’s running late.

But in her struggle to read the screen she just happened to send the bikini pic to the group much to her horror.

“I was texting my friend, she bought me a bikini and I was texting her a picture of it and you know when you type in the first two letters of a name and I couldn’t see in the sun,” she explained.

Abbey said that while the snap wasn’t explicit in any way, rather just a fun and light-hearted photo, it didn’t stop her from being overwhelmed with embarrassment.

“I was mortified. It wasn’t like a sexy shot, it was like a fun ‘I’m at the beach in a bikini you bought me,’” the mum of four said.

Her husband Peter, who was speaking on the show alongside his wife explained that as soon as he copped what happened he deleted the image for everyone but it seemed to have come just a bit too late.

“All the lads are like, ‘Don’t worry. we’ve got the screenshot. I’ve laminated it and put it on the bedroom wall’ was one of the quotes,” the former England footballer said.
The couple appeared on the radio together after Abbey’s new ITV show, ‘In Celebrity Homes’ aired this week as she gets to explore the homes of famous faces.

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