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An Australian family has turned down a whopping $50 million offer from developers who constructed an entire suburb around their property.

The Zammit household has remained defiant in selling their beloved five-acre property in the last few years as developers have been propelled to build around them.

As their property is slap bang in the middle of a new-build expansion in The Ponds area near the city of Quakers Hill, the architects created an entire neighborhood circling the property.
Despite their home sticking out like a sore thumb amid the rows of cookie-cutter houses, the defiant family has remained strong and emphasized that they cannot put a price on their beloved home.

Check out the suburb surrounding the Zammit household below:

The property has an impressive 650-foot driveway surrounded by stellar green gardens with a panoramic view of the Blue Mountains and is just 40 minutes away from the center of Sydney.

The Windsor Castle-style residence stretches across five acres of land - which equates to two hectares of area - and has become a symbol of the family's perseverance and determination to remain in their neighborhood despite external pressures.

A time-lapse video posted on the platform X, formerly known as Twitter, revealed the home standing tall amid surrounding buildings over the years.

Brightside reported that back in 2012, when most neighboring blocks of land were sold, the house would have been valued at around $4.75 million, reflecting the market at that time.

Now, experts say it could be worth around a staggering $50 million - but it is still not enough for the family.

The Zammit's neighbors have been observing the commotion surrounding the in-the-middle home and commended the family's resilience and strength.

Local real estate agent Taylor Bredin told Australian outlet 7News, as cited by The New York Post: "The fact that most people sold out years and years ago, these guys have held on. All credit to them."

According to the outlet, Bredin claims that the land has the capability to accommodate up to 50 houses and that every single one could be valued at approximately one million dollars each.
After being offered millions of Australian dollars, the stubborn homeowners are currently still sticking to their guns and rejecting every single proposal they have received to sell the house.

The five-bedroom house might reportedly be worth around $AUD 30 million - approximately $USD 19 million - with proposals that keep on growing.

Several people on social media are sharing their thoughts on the family sticking it out, with one user praising the family and writing: "That’s so awesome. F**k your housing developments and buildings, keep that land forever."

A second user commented that they "respect" the family's determination but, "considering they're now surrounded by cookie-cutter houses, and that's what they see 24/7 at this point......I'd have said, 'Sold'...And go find a new ~larger~ property.. Without neighbors....again".

Meanwhile, a third added: "Good! I’m happy for the house owner. I support them!"

This just goes to show that you can’t put a price on happiness after all.

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