New detail in how Matthew Perry’s body was found comes to light – and it’s so tragic

There’s scarce likely to be a stone left unturned regarding the investigation into the circumstances surrounding Matthew Perry‘s death.
The beloved Friends star died at his LA home on Saturday, prompting an outpour of grief and hundreds of thousands of tributes from around the world.

Best known for his portrayal of the sarcastic, lovable Chandler Bing in Friends, Perry fought addiction and all the associated demons for much of his adult life.

Just one year on from releasing his candid memoir, the 54-year-old Perry was found dead from an apparent drowning in his jacuzzi. Now, according to fresh reports, a detail has come to light concerning how long the actor had been in the water before he was discovered that makes his passing all the more tragic…

Sources claim that the actor had played pickleball for two hours before returning home on Saturday, October 28. He then sent his assistant out on an errand, yet the assistant returned two hours later to find Perry unresponsive in his jacuzzi.

Word of the star’s death was first reported by TMZ, who claimed that first responders had rushed to Perry’s property after a call for cardiac arrest.

The actor had battled drug addiction and alcoholism over the years, but reports say there were no drugs found at the scene, nor do authorities suspect foul play.
An investigation is now underway as to the cause of Perry’s death, though questions are naturally being posed online as to whether or not it had anything to do with his previous, well-documented troubles.

In any case, TMZ are now reporting a new detail about Perry’s passing that may make things even more difficult to handle for his legion of dedicated fans.

According to the outlet, citing law enforcement sources, Perry’s body was not waterlogged when first responders arrived at his home after receiving the emergency call. This means that he cannot have been in his jacuzzi very long.
In turn, the new update raises questions as to what the outcome might have been had Perry not been alone at his house, or if his assistant had retured to the property earlier.

As per reports, the LA County Coroner has yet to determine an official cause of death, while the toxicology report results are expected to be at least six weeks away.

In his memoir, released last year, Perry spoke candidly on his many struggles with addiction. He also addressed the subject of his weight gain after the conclusion of Friends, and appeared to be doing his utmost to get his life back on the right track.

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