‘My husband asked me what I planned to cook for dinner while i was in labour’

He also took the ‘scenic route’ when he drove her to the hospital
Men are often pretty useless when it comes to the birth of their children, with the best they can offer is a hand to squeeze and some advice on deep breathing as their partner does all the work.

But one bloke has set a new standard for terrible.

He asked his partner what she planned to cook for dinner while she was in labour.

Jenna, from the US, was in labour with her first baby when her husband’s mind wandered to his dinner in what she called “horrendous” behaviour.

She shared a video on TikTok explaining all the “dumb things” her husband did during the process, but deleted it just hours later when viewers got a little too upset on her behalf, MailOnline reported

Jenna said in the video that her waters broke at 2pm, and four hours later she was quizzed about what they were having for dinner.

“I told him he was on his own because I was busy dilating, and I wasn’t able to make him fajitas.”

Things got worse from there. Around 9pm when Jenna was “on my hands and knees in our bedroom and felt like I was going to throw up” he brought in their dog’s food bowl in case she needed to get sick.
By 1am, when Jenna was dilated enough to go tot he hospital, the husband decided to “take the scenic route to the emergency room.”

“It’s a new route, new way, we’ve never been this way to the hospital,” she recalled.

Some 25 minutes after Jenna had given birth she realised her husband had sent intimate snaps of the birth – showing all her private parts – to the family group chat “without asking for permission or censoring the images.”

To top matters off, half an hour later, the hubby asked for half of a protein bar Jenna had packed in her baby bag in case she got hungry.

“It was 8am and the nurses told me I had to eat something before I left the hospital, but my husband asked to split the protein bar I had with me,” Jenna concluded.

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