Millennials are shocked to find 'vintage' iPods being sold at Urban Outfitters.

Social media is abuzz with shock after Urban Outfitters put 'vintage' iPods up for sale, prompting a wave of nostalgia for the days when iPods were the go-to for music lovers.
Remember those simpler times when smartphones didn't dominate and we cherished our iPod shuffles or minis? Well, those days weren't so long ago, although Urban Outfitters categorizing older iPod versions as 'vintage' certainly makes many of us feel ancient.

If you wanted to relive those memories, be prepared to dig deep into your wallet, because these iPods now come with a much higher price tag than they did in the early 2000s.
The fourth-generation iPod, a small, shiny, and colorful rectangle packed with your favorite tunes, made its debut in July 2004. Hours were spent meticulously downloading songs onto the compact device that could fit in your palm or slide effortlessly into your pocket, ready for impromptu dance sessions to your favorite hits.

All the older generations of Apple's iPods hold a special place in our hearts as symbols of our childhood. Though it might seem like a distant era, it really wasn't that long ago—was it?
However, Urban Outfitters seems to believe that items from the early 2000s can now be deemed 'vintage,' and that, coupled with the hefty price tag, is a lot for millennials to handle.

Urban Outfitters listed various iPod models, including iPod Color (4th generation), iPod (4th generation), and iPod Classic (5th generation), on its website. The sale coincided with the iPod's 22nd anniversary. The product descriptions, such as for the Apple iPod Mini (1st Generation) MP4 Player, highlighted the retro charm of these devices, refurbished and restored by Retrospekt.

The pricing, however, raised eyebrows, with an iPod mini priced at $199 and an iPod Classic 5th generation device at $349.99. To put it in perspective, the iPod Classic 5th gen device with 30GB storage originally retailed for $249 upon its release.
While the product pages have disappeared from the Urban Outfitters site, the impact was swift, with millennials expressing their astonishment on social media platforms. One Twitter user questioned, "What circle of hell are we in that Urban Outfitters is selling iPod classics now?" Another wondered, "Why is Urban Outfitters selling a 5th generation Apple iPod for $350 in 2023???" And a third shared their bewilderment, saying, "An Urban Outfitters sponsored post for an iPod in 2023 makes me feel like I'm losing my mind."

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