Kim Kardashian loses more than 280,000 followers after 'terrible' American Horror Story cameo

Kim Kardashian has lost around 280,000 followers on Instagram in the wake of her appearance on American Horror Story.
The star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians took to the small screen in the latest season of the hit US show.

At the time, many people ended up being shocked by Kardashian's performance on the show.

And this was not because they thought the performance was shockingly bad, but much better than expected.

She plays a high-flying publicist to a would-be Oscar nominee. This isn't exactly a far cry from Kardashian's own glamorous life.

Couple that with Kardashian being no stranger to being in front of the camera, and it makes sense that she would put out a solid performance.

Not everyone was a fan though, with some labelling her acting as 'objectively terrible'.

And the haters even seem to have taken a toll on Kim's Instagram follower count.
The reality star's following on Instagram has dropped some 280,000 in the wake of her appearance on American Horror Story.

This reduction came in just three weeks as people unfollowed Kardashian at a rate of around 14,000 people per day.

It certainly seems like a lot of people.

All the same, given that Kim Kardashian has a mammoth 364 million followers on Instagram at the time of writing, suddenly 280,000 starts to look like a drop in the ocean.
For context, that's roughly the same as the population of Anchorage in Alaska, compared to the entire population of the United States.

The most recent instalment of American Horror Story is adapted from a book by Danielle Valentine called Delicate Condition.

It follows the story of Anna Victoria Alcott, a rising star played by Emma Roberts.

Anna is trying for a baby, but becomes increasingly fearful as the story progresses that someone is trying to sabotage her attempts at motherhood.

The decision to cast Kardashian as the corporate pep-talking publicist Siobhan is not the first big celebrity appearance on the show.

Lady Gaga has previously guest-starred on the show, with Kardashian now being the latest big name star brought into the highly popular series.

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