Kelly Clarkson defends saying she wants the NFL to focus more on football than Taylor Swift

Kelly Clarkson has hit out at claims she "bashed" Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship by saying she wished the NFL would focus more on the actual football being played.
Ever since rumors of a romance between Taylor and Travis began, all eyes have been on the crowd to catch a glimpse of the 'Maroon' singer watching the game.

The fascination has not only been among the fans in attendance but also with the cameras themselves, as coverage of the game has regularly cut to what Taylor's up to in the stands, be that hanging out with Travis's mom or her celebrity pals.

Understandably, this has not gone down well with every NFL fan who, let's face it, wants to actually watch the game - Kelly being one of them.
On Friday's episode of her talk show, Kelly discussed the attention around Taylor and Travis's romance, comparing watching the NFL to a reality TV show since the singer arrived on the scene.

She said, via Page Six: "It’s not hilarious how it is literally taking over the NFL for people that like watching sports now. It’s like you’re watching ‘Housewives’ while you’re watching."

The 'Since U Been Gone' star, 41, added that the commentators are now "just talking about gossip things", adding: "And you’re like, 'So, what about the play?'", joking: "They’re taking over."

Kelly isn't the only person to have pointed this out, however, as football fans have become annoyed that the focus has been seemingly pulled from the game by Taylor being in attendance, and Taylor fans have also claimed the star "put Travis on the map" - despite him being a huge star in his own right before they met.

However, after her comments went viral, Kelly took to social media to clarify what she'd meant and confirm she wasn't aiming any shade at the couple.
Kelly wrote on social media: "Just a quick public service announcement everybody since this seems to be breaking news... Do not fall prey to clickbait, trash reporters twisting the facts again.

"I did not bash anyone's romance. I am pro romance. Yay romance. Did y'all even watch what I actually said on my show?

"I said just said I want to watch football when I tune in to watch football. Seems an appropriate request."

She concluded her post by voicing her support for her home team, adding: "Okay, carry on, and GO COWBOYS!"

Taylor's presence at as many of her man's games as her hectic schedule allows shows no sign of stopping anytime soon, so those NFL fans had better get used to seeing her in the stands.

And who knows, maybe the Swifties will get to see just as much of Travis cheering his lady on from the audience at her shows too.

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